anasuya bharadwaj

when MULBERRY romances sunflower

Anasuya Bharadwaj, no need of introduction to audience from South part

Gained huge popularity with her spontaneity added with glamous on television shows 

The actress  is having great love for Sarees, which she keeps expresses by wearing traditional sarees for most occasions

Recently, she shared her beautiful Saree Photoshoot pictures on her Instagram

'Romancing Love with Sunflower' is the caption, they beauty gave for the pictures

The beautiful green mulberry saree saree is presented by  Anasuya's mom Anuradha Khasba

Paired with a beautiful long necklace chain and sleeveless cotton boat-neck blouse, Anasuya looked elegant in pictures 

Anasuya got busy with her movies and appearing less for the anchoring programs on TV shows

The beautiful actress keeps supporting and promoting small & medium businesses for their growth