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Being Spiritual

Being Spiritual



Janhvi Kapoor was raised in a Hindu family and has always been deeply spiritual.

She often expresses her gratitude to Tirupati Balaji for his blessings in her life.

Despite her busy schedule, Janhvi makes it a point to visit Tirupati Balaji regularly.

When visiting Tirupati, Janhvi always dresses in traditional attire, such as sarees or half sarees.

Janhvi offers prayers and pujas to Tirupati Balaji, seeking his blessings for her personal and professional life. She chooses to walk the path

Janhvi finds immense inner peace and solace in her visits to Tirupati.

Janhvi's devotion to Tirupati Balaji has inspired many of her fans to embrace their own faith.

She is proud of her heritage and wants to share it with others.

Janhvi often shares photos and videos of her visits to Tirupati on social media.

Despite her fame and success, Janhvi remains humble and grounded. She is always respectful of the temple and its traditions.

Janhvi Kapoor's devotion to Tirupati Balaji is a positive influence on her fans & the world around her. She shows that it is possible to be successful & spiritual at the same time.