saree photo shoot in village




Meghaa Shetty shared her ethnic vibes wearing a Chettinad Saree, the shoot was in a Village themed location 

Kannada Beauty

The pictures went viral on social media. The Bengaluru born beauty added  traditional vibes by wearing jasmine floral hair garland 


In Olden days, wearing jasmine flowers used to be a part of women's daily beauty routine. 

Jasmine Flowers

The bullock carriage used to be a part of every household during the olden days in the villages. Meghaa's pose is more authentic

Bull Cart

Posing with a Japanese vintage camera from the brand 'Beautyflex', Meghaa Shetty carried the theme 'Vintage' very well

Vintage Camera

In the background of the pictures, the wooden doors of olden days can been seen. The design & painting can be observed

The Doors

Meghaa Shetty was born on 4 August 1998 in Bengaluru. She made her debut with the serial 'Jothe Jotheyali' & entered the silver screen with the movie "Triple Riding"

The actress

Chettinad Sarees are most famous in Tamilnadu. The sarees are woven by traditional artisans from the region called 'Chettinad'.

Chettinad Saree

The Village Home concept is most unique theme photoshoot. Observe the wall-paintings, Clay pots & Pillar Designs.

The Concept

This is a stone instrument used to grind pulses into flour. In olden days, this tool could be found in every house.

Thiragali / Isuru Rai

If you have this instrument at your grandma's home in village, have a try on this

Thiragali / Isuru Rai

This pose of a lady sitting 'Verandah' (an outdoor porch with a roof) tells a story of the girl waiting for a dream come true. If you have a Verandah, don't miss to get this pose clicked

1. The 'Verandah' pose

The second best pose in Home Verandah, with the expression of  'Visionary' 

2. The 'Verandah' pose

The feminine pose of Verandah folding leg while holding with hands

3. The 'Verandah' pose

The actress keeps sharing her love for sarees through Instagram where she is already having 1 million plus followers

Megha Shetty

Don't miss to try this most authentic Sareeing of Meghaa Shetty in your upcoming village trip or while celebrating Ugadi Festival.


Keep doing best Meghaa and keep inspiring. All the best for a beautiful career in entertainment world