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5 South Indian bridal Ideas

5 South Indian bridal Ideas

Shivani Narayan, Anupama Parameswaran, Pujita Ponnada, Urvashi Jayan, and Sree Mukhi Rathod's silk sarees - a perfect choice for a South Indian bride-to-be.

Drawing inspiration from South Indian culture, these actresses emphasize the significance of temple jewelry, featuring intricate designs

Celebrities often opt for Kanjeevaram silk saree, showcasing vibrant colors

To complete the bridal look, these stars highlight the importance of an elaborate jhoomar (passa) and maang tikka

Brides often incorporate the Malligai Poo (jasmine flowers) in their hairstyles, emphasizing the significance of these fragrant blooms in South Indian bridal adornments.

Embracing the South Indian bridal makeup tradition, the actresses highlight the use of bold kajal and vibrant red lips

Gold plays a pivotal role in South Indian bridal attire, and these celebrities showcase the allure of gold jewelry

Reflecting the timeless beauty standards, the brides can emphasize the importance of kohl-rimmed eyes, adding a touch of mystique & glamour

Elaborate hair accessories for braids, such as traditional gold jada and billai

The use of intricate temple border embroidery in bridal outfits showcases the rich craftsmanship and cultural symbolism

Bridal henna designs inspired by traditional kolams, featuring intricate patterns and motifs, are showcased as a symbol of cultural heritage

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