internet shares  ai-samantha


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For the past few weeks, AI rendered pictures are getting viral on Social Media

Here's a few collection of Tollywood Beauty Samantha's AI generated look-a-like pictures

The pictures are shared popularly among few of Samantha's fan groups while the original creator is not known

Social media users appreciated the creation of their favorite gorgeous beauty in different looks of Traditional styling

Fashion experts already predicted that, Artificial Intelligence is going to disrupt the Fashion Industry by creating AI-generated models

Samantha's recent movie Yashoda is one of the hit movie among the others release in 2022.

The actress known for her Fashion styling especially her Sareeing became popular in her Telugu debut "Ye Maaya Chesave" 

AI Generated traditional pictures in Sarees received huge appreciation from fans. "Flawlessly awesome" is one of the most liked comment

 Samantha's art picture in a Grey Saree looked authentic style of village girl, the beautiful jewelry can be designed to style in reality

Samantha looked elegant in the 'AI-generated princess style Indian super woman' paint art

Finally, Samantha's Shaakuntalam look is one of the best and perfect creations of the AI-Art