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Co-acted with Prabhas in 'Raghavendra': Anshu Saggar's white saree, adorned with delicate pink floral patterns, creates a soft, feminine, and timeless look, perfect for grand events.

Full-Sleeve Collar Neck Blouse: The full-sleeve, collar neck white blouse-shirt adds a modern twist to the traditional saree, offering a sophisticated and contemporary vibe.

Soft Makeup: She opted for light makeup, with a subtle pink lipstick that complements the pink hues in her saree, enhancing her natural beauty.

Chic Hairdo: Her bun hairstyle is both elegant and practical, keeping the focus on her outfit and accessories while maintaining a polished appearance.

Maroon Bindi: The maroon bindi adds a traditional touch to the ensemble, balancing the modern blouse with a hint of cultural heritage.

Pearl Bangles and Crystal Stud-Earrings: The pearl bangles and crystal stud earrings are perfect accessories, adding a touch of elegance & sophistication without overwhelming the look.

Perfect for Grand Events: The entire outfit, from the floral saree to the thoughtful accessories, is ideal for grand events, ensuring Anshu Saggar stands out with grace and style.