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All We  Imagine as Light

All We  Imagine as Light

"All We Imagine as Light" made history by winning the Grand Prix, the second-highest honor at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2024. This recognition by a renowned jury puts the film in a league of its own [Indian filmmaker Payal Kapadia's 'All We Imagine as Light' wins Grand Prix award at Cannes 2024].



The film explores themes of love, dreams, and the human condition in a way that resonates deeply with viewers 


Director Payal Kapadia offers a fresh perspective on Mumbai. The bustling city becomes a character itself, with its contrasting beauty and chaos captured in stunning cinematography


The film centers around the experiences of female characters, particularly immigrants and those struggling to find their place in society. It brings their stories to the forefront in a nuanced and sensitive way.


The cast delivers powerful performances, particularly Kani Kusruti, who portrays a depth of emotion and unspoken longing. Their acting brings the characters and their struggles to life


The film highlights the importance of friendship, particularly between Prabha and Anu. Their bond offers solace and strength in the face of uncertainty.


Woven into the narrative is a subtle social commentary. The film touches on issues like identity, displacement, and the challenges faced by marginalized communities.


"All We Imagine as Light" stands out for its unique style and storytelling. It's a departure from mainstream cinema, offering a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant experience.