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An Ode  to Mom

An Ode  to Mom



NC Karunya showcases a deep appreciation for cultural heritage, his latest looks tell a story of tradition, family, & the joyous occasion of her sister's wedding.

The choice of restyling the late mother's sarees into the celebration is a poignant tribute, infusing a heartfelt and emotional touch to the outfits during his sister's joyous wedding.

The pairing of a maroon saree converted into a sherwani suit not only celebrates the richness of the color

The fusion of traditional drapery with a more structured and masculine sherwani design adds a touch of sophistication, making it a statement look

The transformation of a blue saree into a sherwani paired with dhoti showcases a beautiful balance

The delicacy of the saree design is complemented by the traditional sherwani silhouette

The yellow silk saree converted into a waistcoat on a blue kurta creates a lively and vibrant play of colors.

The combination of yellow and blue adds a refreshing and joyful vibe to the ensemble, making it a perfect choice for wedding celebrations.

The green silk saree transformed into a kurta paired with red dhoti pants brings a unique and modern twist to the traditional attire.

Karunya's styling inspired many on social media. These outfits beautifully bridge the past and present, creating a celebration that is both aesthetically striking and emotionally resonant.