Adrija Basu, a fitness enthusiast and saree connoisseur, made a stunning retro statement that blended fitness finesse with timeless elegance. Her choice of attire, a resplendent organza red silk saree, captured attention with its intricately embroidered scallops adorned with hand-stitched glittering chamkis. The saree, a vivid canvas of sophistication, perfectly accentuated Adrija’s unique sense of style.

Complementing the saree was a sleeveless blouse that exuded contemporary charm. The sweetheart neckline added a touch of modernity, while multi-colored prints lent a playful twist to the ensemble. Adrija’s fashion-forward choices were indicative of her ability to seamlessly merge traditional and contemporary elements, creating a look that was both classic and chic.


Adrija’s attention to detail extended beyond her clothing. The statement choker necklace she wore exuded regal allure, harmonizing effortlessly with the red bangles and chandelier earrings that adorned her wrists and ears. The meticulous coordination of accessories showcased her flair for balancing bold statements with refined subtlety.

A retro-themed ensemble wouldn’t be complete without a nod to classic beauty elements. Adrija embraced the timeless charm of a puff hairdo, further enhancing the retro aura. Red roses strategically placed in her hair added a touch of romance, while the kajal, bindi, and bold red lipstick amplified the vintage glamour, creating an aesthetic reminiscent of the golden era.


Adrija’s saree styling was a masterclass in retro elegance, offering a perfect blend of tradition and trend. The ensemble was not just a fashion choice; it was a celebration of femininity and strength. With its vibrant colors, intricate details, and thoughtful accessories, Adrija’s look was a testament to her ability to make a powerful and stylish statement at any party or retro-themed event. In her distinctive fusion of fitness and fashion, Adrija Basu showcased a timeless and sophisticated approach to personal style.

Source: Instagram

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