For those seeking regal inspiration for weddings, Deepika Padukone’s captivating appearance at Umang 2023 provides a timeless guide. Dressed in a Royal Blue Bridal Banarasi saree, Deepika effortlessly embodied elegance and sophistication. The choice of color, a rich and deep blue, exuded opulence and added a touch of majesty to her ensemble.

The focal point of Deepika’s royal look was undoubtedly the exquisite choker necklace adorning her neck. The princess-style necklace, intricately designed, complemented the Banarasi saree perfectly, elevating the entire ensemble to a royal masterpiece. The choker not only added a touch of traditional allure but also showcased a blend of heritage and modernity, mirroring Deepika’s style sensibilities.


Deepika opted for stud earrings that exuded understated charm to complement the majestic choker. The studs were a perfect choice, allowing the choker to take center stage while adding a subtle sparkle to her overall look. This balance of bold and subtle elements showcased Deepika’s keen fashion sense and ability to harmonize different accessories flawlessly.

The Banarasi saree itself, with its luxurious texture and intricate weaving, reflected the grandeur of Indian craftsmanship. Deepika’s choice of this traditional fabric and the modern royal blue hue demonstrated a seamless blend of heritage and contemporary style, making her a vision of grace and glamour. Deepika kept her hairstyle simple and elegant, with her long, dark hair styled in a bun.


Deepika Padukone’s royal look at Umang 2023 serves as a style guide for those aspiring to channel regal vibes at weddings. The meticulous pairing of a Royal Blue Banarasi saree with a princess-style choker necklace and stud earrings showcases the actress’s innate ability to redefine traditional elegance with a modern twist, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of bridal fashion.

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