Golfing in a Saree | Shruti Singh’s Saree Sport Story

Playing golf in a saree I guess no one might have heard about before.
People might think it is an erratic decision and being draped in this six-yard elegance while playing golf must be so uncomfortable but no it is not.

Well, I saw several social media posts regarding how several women have stood up to promote through their various arenas.
There were several events where contemporary tasks were finished while maintaining our cultural identity by our proud saree wearers.
Be it through going on a world tour while wearing a saree, moving Hula Hoops while being in saree, attending several big events while wearing a saree just so the beauty of this garment can be showcased in front of the world, to playing basketball in saree.
Even what might seem like an uncomfortable sport for saree wearers such as skiing, cycling, and snowboarding have been done by several proud saree wearers effortlessly. The list is pretty long and it goes on and on but I am yet to see anyone golfing in a saree.
This thought has been in the back of my head for a pretty long time and I always wanted to give it a try so here I am golfing while being draped in a saree and bringing my thoughts into reality and testing the versatility of this beauty.

Above is the picture of me standing in a golf court and slaying the look in a saree.
I am wearing a saree which has a slight tint of red and pink color. I really loved the richness of this color and made me look ecstatic about my golfing.
For utmost comfort, while being on a golf court I have ditched the traditional footwear that has been always assumed to be paired up with a saree.
I have put my comfort first and thus wore a white pair of sneakers. Well, they do look good and gave off a funky look so yes I was happy with my choice.
To top off this look I teamed my saree with a white top instead of a typical blouse.
I wanted to make this look as comfortable as it can be and add up as many modern elements as I can so that it might relate to the wider range of audiences who have this notion that saree is mere traditional wear and its usage is only limited to certain events.
The comfort I had while wearing this Mul saree is beyond mentioning in words.
Amidst the heated weather, the fabric of this saree was comfortable for me as it tried to pare away the scorching effects of heat. In this searing heat, I somehow ventured to attempt wearing it and I must say I was not disappointed at all.

Well, I agree with the fact that every sport has got its prescribed dress code and it must have been decided through well-designed procedures but my favorite hobby is breaking the stereotyped rules.

The comfort I had while wearing this fabric is unmatchable. It was because of the fabric that it was so easy to drape this six-yard elegance and smash all stereotypes it was quite relaxing wearing it.  Your preference to a Mul saree will be on top after wearing.

This is the final result of my adventure in golfing while wearing a saree and I must say that the comfort is unrivaled.

I believe that saree might be worn from casual to traditional and that is the beauty of its versatility. It is not just beautiful and fashionable but also comfortable. It is an empowering ensemble. Those six yards too can find a new dimension if one knows how to choose the right fabric and the right draping skills.


Shruti Singh

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