Travel with Susmitha in a Saree to San Francisco – Travel Saree Story

When it comes down to venturing into a landmark of love that is also honored to grab a place being one among the world’s seven wonders we instantly get reminded of the monument of love that is none other than the Taj Mahal. It is a symbol of one’s commitment to their lover and is cherished by a vast population all around the world.
But what if we change the course in a slightly different way? Why not explore the foreign land along with the essence of our tradition. What would be more traditional than wearing our cherished garment saree to a foreign land? It not only portrays our culture but also the fact that we appreciate our ancestral garment and even being in a foreign country we are constantly connected to our roots.
It would be fun to tour the west coast in a Taj saree!!

So as I said so I did the same and explored the places on the West Coast draped in a saree. Here as you can see I’m wearing a lovely Banarasi Rangkot saree which is a handloom saree and is an epitome of a handmade yet pure tradition. This is one of our best works and truly this is a work of beauty. I must tell you all about the fact that a Banarasi Rangkot is a unique handloom beauty that is both challenging to weave and turn into the beauty it looks plus to make it in a quality that remains ageless in appeal as well as quality. This saree clearly exemplifies Banarasi weaving traditions by the fact that it depicts traditional Bootis, a rich pallu with magnificent Paisleys, and a whole palette of color present on it giving an effect of a rainbow. The saree has an intriguing border with elaborate and careful detailing of the wonder of marvels the Taj Mahal in gold jari all over the length of the saree and the pallu with gold detailing complements this masterpiece overall.
In the above picture, I was present at San Francisco’s Lincoln Park Steps which is a beautiful stairway with colorfully tiled steps. They have wonderful blue, yellow, orange, and green tile patterns on them. These concrete steps were built in the early 1900s. The color of the saree’s pallu and the steps clearly compliment each other.

The picture above if you see clearly is a blend of two very famous landmarks of this world. In the background, we have the Golden Gate Bridge which is a suspension bridge linking San Francisco Bay and the pacific ocean. In the foreground, we have the Taj Mahal which has been inscribed as an intricate detail on the pallu itself. I have tried picturing both famous landmarks in one picture itself. The beauty of the saree and the draper is defined by an intricately woven union of Banaras yarn with the brightness of brilliant colored strips.


Several people believe that while you are traveling or exploring places wearing a saree might be uncomfortable. Then I must demolish your preconceived notions as a saree can be one of the most comfortable garments to wear provided that you are wearing the right fabric and draping it well.

Here as I was taking an Evening walk in Golden State Park where I got mesmerized by the serene view out there that the saree’s fabric was doing its work. I didn’t feel any tint of discomfort or suffocation, rather the saree provided me with the proper ventilation, and even though I had a long day the fabric was fast enough to absorb sweat, not to mention the happiness I felt wearing it all around and showcasing the wonderful culture we have got. Carrying and displaying this six-yard canvas of exquisite beauty in an elegant and graceful manner is like a rainbow draped in a cloud moving around.

Although I appreciate all sorts of sarees, my favorites are handloom sarees that showcase beautiful designs and long-cherished Indian cultures and customs. Lastly, I would really love to suggest you all wear a saree next time whenever you are exploring or traveling cause it’s all a myth that a saree obstructs your fun to travel rather it just adds to the fun.

Few personal tips for Sareeing while enjoying vacation :

Wear sneakers beneath the saree for a vacation. Steer clear of flats/high heels. Trust me, nobody cares and nobody will even notice. Comfort should be the main factor, and nothing else!

Use enough safety pins so that your saree stays put in place. The pleats need not be perfect. Try not to leave the pallu loose initially. Pin your pallu. Walk confidently, nothing else matters!

You can even try altering the drape of the pallu. Use it as a scarf around your neck to give it an ooomph factor! During winters, you could layer a saree beneath a long jacket. You will turn heads, trust me!

P.S : We get lot of compliments when we wear our indian saree for travel in west as they love our rich and unique outfits they always feel happy and it will be a cherished moment.

What is your most fav saree in vacation memory?

Susmitha Ch

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