Cream, golden, silver, or any shimmery color with full sleeves blouse which has lots of work on it.

If Saree is simple, you can wear a blouse that has heavy work on its sleeves and it will change the look of the whole saree.

Black saree with sleeveless blouse is all classy. Black, Grey, Bronze you can wear those color if you don’t want all traditional look.

Wear any Contrast color. (E.g.: Wear pink blouse with simple green or teal blouse with pink saree)

For Red net saree – metallic blouse.

For weddings these saree with heavy borders.

Use golden, silver or some glittery blouse.

For more edgy look use these heavy works and Indian colors. Can also wear saree which are half net and other half part(usually the part which we drape) is made of another material. As it will not show much skin.

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