Nikhila Vimal’s fashion choice, a floral collar neck blouse paired with an organza saree, epitomizes grace and modern elegance. The floral collar neck blouse adds a contemporary and refreshing twist to the traditional saree ensemble. The choice of floral patterns brings a delightful and feminine touch to the overall look, enhancing its charm.

Nikhila Vimal - Collar neck blouse & organza saree

Organza, known for its sheer and lightweight fabric, complements the blouse beautifully, adding an airy and ethereal quality to the saree drape. The combination of these elements not only exudes a sense of sophistication but also presents a trendy and fashionable appearance, making it ideal for various occasions.

The floral collar neck design accentuates the neckline and shoulders, offering a blend of modesty and style. Nikhila Vimal’s choice reflects a keen understanding of fashion, merging traditional attire with contemporary trends seamlessly. This ensemble stands as a wonderful representation of how fashion can evolve, embracing the past while embracing the present.

Nikhila Vimal - Collar neck blouse & organza saree

Source: Instagram

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