Now, let me tell something about Sarees and Self-Care.

I celebrate sarees.

The saree to me represents Indianness in its full glory. In this land with so many diverse culture, the saree unites India like no other, as its woven and worn throughout the country in different form.

It has given me an identity and a personality I didn’t know ever existed.

Saree is definitely the most elegant in the whole repertoire of Indian clothing and I hope more and more youngsters are inspired to drape it more often.

I include it in my daily life and here is my corporate look in a saree. #livinginasaree

Now, let me tell something about Self-Care.

Self-care has become so stressful of lately? 

There’s honestly no ONE particular reason, but it mostly depends on what is one’s perception of self-care. Self-care looks different for every other person.

Sometimes, we tend to look at ‘self-care’ through somebody else’s glasses.

But, one reason that I believe is why self-care feels stressful for many, is because of social media’s portrayal of self-care as something for which one needs to separately carve time out of their daily lives.

Don’t you all think the misinterpretation of self-care by several brands and people make it look like a whole new important task.

What I think is self-care isn’t very difficult to practice, it can be as easy as being kind to yourself, being kind to your mind and body.

It can be something like- holding yourself accountable and forgiving yourself. Letting yourself feel the emotions you are feeling and not judging yourself for it.

It can be as simple as respecting yourself.

When you respect yourself self-care activities won’t feel forced, they won’t feel like a job, they shall flow naturally.

Self-care shouldn’t require any extra effort or time to be practiced, it should be natural and organic like breathing, it shouldn’t be stressful and feel like a job.

But a self-care routine should never become one’s enemy, right? It shouldn’t make you feel unworthy of self-care if you missed workout once, it shouldn’t make you feel awful if you don’t feel like attending to your hobbies.


Shruti Singh


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