In today’s fast-paced world a crisis that has brought this world down on its knees is climate change. Environmental implications of global climate change have already been observed. Glaciers have receded, ice on rivers and lakes has broken up earlier, plant and animal ranges have altered, and trees have begun to bud earlier. Global climate change is having the effects that experts projected in the past which is rapid sea-level rise due to ice loss.
Many people believe that climate change is primarily associated with increased temperatures. However, the spike in temperature is just the beginning. Changes in one place might impact changes in others because the Earth is a system in which everything is interrelated.

Droughts, water scarcity, severe fires, rising sea levels, flooding, melting polar ice, catastrophic storms, and dwindling biodiversity are all examples of climate change’s repercussions. It is high time when the world needs to take strict action regarding it. While individuals may not be able to make significant reductions in emissions to keep climate change under control, personal action is crucial in elevating the importance of climate change issues among governments and companies. Using your influence as a customer, client, voter, and active citizen will result in far-reaching improvements.

Environmentalists have started a number of campaigns to rectify the harm that has been done, such as Save Soil, which has lately garnered a lot of traction. Fortunately, we have folks who are always giving their all for this noble cause. There are various ways you may reach out to act towards fixing this global catastrophe, whether it’s through propagating movements by being present on the ground or by influencing others through social media activities.
Sowmyasri Thalanki, who was just named Ms. Biosphere is one of these individuals. She is an environmentalist, is an expert in the fashion arena, and was awarded the title of Ms. Biosphere India, 2022. There are many notable works done by her as she is an active participant in social work.

What provoked us to talk about this pageant winner is how she is influencing the people to act towards saving the ecosphere through her posts which have a tint of retro vibe dominated by tints of earthy colors.

She’s wearing a flowery saree in the photo above, which gives off beautiful spring feelings. It combines two unique colors, turquoise and dark blue which are the most cherished colors in the hydrosphere, in a beautiful way. Pink flower motifs are quite fashionable since they highlight the attractiveness of the garment’s hue. By wearing a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and ring, she attempted to balance out the accessories. The borders of this saree have a highly crafted golden design, and she matched the golden and turquoise color scheme with her accessories. She kept the style of her blouses neutral by choosing a sleeveless plain top with a simple pattern.

Sowmya’s choice of saree in the top photo gives off a nostalgic aura. The vibrant yellow color appreciates the beauty of the Lithosphere of our Mother Earth. Indeed, she exudes a colorful atmosphere, but it is the ruffles that give this outfit its distinct character. The pink ruffles on this yellow saree mirror the pink flower motifs on the saree. Despite the fact that the blouse has a distinct design, it is unique. She enhanced her outfit by wearing it with hanging earrings.

She is wearing a baby pink saree with a neutral structure in the top photo, but the show-stealer is the blouse she is wearing. The color of the saree compliments the rare tint shown by the atmosphere. It has exquisitely embroidered needlework that is subtle but spectacular. It includes a net on the sleeves, which is embellished with embroidery to complete the design. The embroidered blouse is well balanced by the simple baby pink saree. She completed her ensemble by wearing matching earrings and a necklace. She also wore a belt to define her waist, which enhanced her style by not only emphasizing her form but also giving her a more defined look than normal. Even a basic saree may look stylish when paired with a belt.

Her sense of style in her dress selections complements her work ethic. She exemplifies gratitude for what we have and perseverance in recognizing our abilities. Every human being has a unique collection of skills, talents, and abilities, which is why we have variety. You never know what influence your expertise might have on this cause so do not leave any stone unturned.
The increased reach and scope of social media have allowed people to influence and motivate others to strive for our common good. As a result, this role is equally significant, and seeing someone who has been given the title and is working tirelessly in their field inspires optimism for addressing the situation.

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