Understanding ‘Shapewears’ and ‘Underskirts’ for Sarees

Saree shapewear is basically like an inner garment that you can wear inside your saree to give it the same shape as your body, mostly used instead of a traditional petticoat.

It’s highly recommended to wear a petticoat i.e. Shapewear under a saree. There are certain reasons for it.
Firstly, it helps to tuck the saree in nicely, and secondly, it keeps your modesty intact because otherwise, the saree might look sheer. The major advantage of saree shapewear is it portrays slimness around the thigh due to its shape.

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However, If you don’t want to wear shapewear to experiment with a saree, you can ignore shapewear. But be sure to wear something underneath that not lets you pull off the saree but also lets you pleat it off nicely.

The drawback of shapewear is that it could not hold a saree with a heavy border as its belt tends to fold due to the heaviness of the border. Also, it is uncomfortable to sit on the floor in this shapewear. But you can give it a try on your own before taking a decision.

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Alternatively, underskirt is more comfortable but looks a bit baggy. But it is comfortable to sit and do work in it. Further it has better grip on heavy sarees. Most Saree experts chose under skirt over shapewear.

Shapewear is better for simple sarees and more women like to wear saree on their jobs, where there is no need of sitting on the floor.

I don’t like Sarees, because I look fat in sarees’!’ is the excuse most women say.  According to Celebrity drape artist Dolly Jain,

“What I feel is that you have to select the fabric and drape the saree according to your body structure. The drape is the key here. It does not matter which designer you buy it from, but if a saree is not draped correctly, it will not look good. For easy draping, I think georgette fabric is the best. Kota and organza are also easy as long as you know the basic draping styles.

If your size is M, then get a petticoat in size L. If the petticoat is too tight fitting, how will you tuck in the saree fabric and drape it well?”


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Why does my petticoat keep folding up inside the saree?

There are a few reasons why your petticoat may be folded up inside your saree:

  1. The petticoat is too small: If your petticoat is too small, it may not be able to stay in place underneath the saree, causing it to fold up. Make sure to choose a petticoat that fits snugly around your waist but is not too tight.
  2. The petticoat is not tucked in properly: Make sure to tuck the petticoat in tightly around your waist, and ensure that the fabric is smooth and not bunched up.
  3. The saree is too heavy: If the saree is too heavy, it may be pulling down on the petticoat, causing it to fold up. Choose a lighter-weight saree or make sure to adjust the saree to distribute the weight more evenly.
  4. The saree is not tucked in properly: Make sure that the saree is tucked in properly around the waist and hips, and that it is not too loose.
  5. The saree is too long: If the saree is too long, it may be dragging on the ground and pulling the petticoat up. Try to get the saree tailored to the correct length or adjust the way you drape it.

It is important to make sure that the petticoat and saree are properly adjusted and tucked in to prevent folding and ensure a comfortable and neat look.


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