Hari Priya looked absolutely resplendent in her choice of attire for the “Harish Jeyaraj 3.0” concert. She donned a stunning, shining golden Kanjivaram Silk Lehenga Choli that showcased the rich heritage and craftsmanship of traditional Indian clothing. The Kanjivaram Silk fabric draped gracefully around her, accentuating her feminine curves and adding a touch of regal charm to her overall appearance.

The golden color of the ensemble further enhanced Hari Priya’s beauty, as it illuminated her complexion and gave her a radiant glow. The intricate weaving patterns and motifs on the fabric showcased the skill and artistry of the weavers, creating a mesmerizing visual appeal.

Singer Hari Priya - Golden Kanjivaram Dress
She is a trained classical singer and has a degree in Carnatic music.

Complementing her ensemble, Hari Priya adorned herself with exquisite Chandbali earrings, which added a touch of elegance and highlighted her facial features. The shimmering bangles on her wrists added a musical rhythm to her movements, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and grace.

Her makeup was kept subtle and elegant, enhancing her natural features without overpowering her overall look. The makeup accentuated her eyes, making them sparkle with a subtle hint of eyeshadow and well-defined eyeliner. A touch of blush and a soft shade of lipstick added a touch of warmth and grace to her face.

The combination of Hari Priya’s radiant smile, the luminous golden Kanjivaram Silk Lehenga Choli, and the carefully chosen accessories all came together to create a breathtaking sight. Her beauty and style truly shone through, capturing the attention and admiration of everyone at the event.

A few more beautiful clicks of Priya:

Singer Hari Priya - Golden Kanjivaram Dress
She is also a certified yoga instructor and teaches yoga classes online.
Singer Hari Priya - Golden Kanjivaram Dress
She is a vegetarian and loves to cook.
Singer Hari Priya - Golden Kanjivaram Dress
She is a travel enthusiast and loves to explore new places.
Singer Hari Priya - Golden Kanjivaram Dress
She is a very private person and doesn’t share much about her personal life.

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