“Last night in New York” | Ashu Reddy in Pink Saree

Tollywood celebrity, Bigg Boss fame Ashu Reddy shared the most beautiful pictures of her on Instagram.

The glamour girl captioned “Last night in New York!!

Ashu Reddy - Pink Saree

Ashu Reddy - Pink Saree

The Pink Bandhini Saree is looking simple and elegant. The Gold & White prints of the saree elevated the saree’s appearance with a story narrated on the borders of the saree.

Ashu Reddy - Pink Saree

The narrative appears to depict men and women walking along with camels while living a Rajasthani lifestyle.

Ashu Reddy - Pink Saree

Ashu Reddy preferred this saree to wear for an event in USA for the Sankranti celebrations.

Source: Instagram

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