Belt Sarees : Eye-catching and Equally gorgeous attire

Saree being India’s one of the most appreciated and widely used attires since ancient times, continues to be a heartthrob in the currently evolving fashion world. In today’s time when the world is chasing after a fast fashion, this attire continues to evolve and adapt into the current fast-paced world. An elegant saree has always persisted in Indian culture for a very long time, so now that fashion is changing, the styling tips for saree have changed such as its draping techniques and styles. It would be needless to say that the fashion gurus and influencers have always taken matters into their own hands to evolve an attire to match up to today’s fashion competitive world. With the co-existence of different styles and forever-changing fashion trends, the saree remains to be one of those never changing, adamant fashion factors. Well, it would be needless to say this attire has always caught the attention of style icons and influencers and they constantly try to introduce various trends involving this elegant and equally beautiful six-yard long attire. This eye-catching and equally gorgeous attire can make its wearer stunning and fabulous in an instant and that might be the reason why it continues to be on the top list of the costumes one might want to wear. No matter the occasion, this attire comes to the rescue for those who always struggle with an ever-existing problem that they have nothing to wear.  

Supriya wearing Red Saree with Metallic Belt on the occassion of Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebration.

Lately there it has been observed that a lot of innovation concerning how to drape and carry saree is coming along in the favored audiences’ ways. Now in the fashion world, we have a new trend settling itself ablaze in the eyes of the audiences as well as the wearer itself and that is none other than the “belt sarees”. 

What is a Belt saree and how to carry them? 

The ultimate love of Indian women has returned with a new update which is the addition of an accessory that is a belt that might be known to almost everyone. Merely adding a quirky or an embellished belt over your traditional six yards is like mix-matching ancient times with modern times.  Belt saree becoming a new sensation in the fashion world is just a contemporary twist given by designers to the Kamarband worn along with the saree. Kamarband  is an ornament that has been an integral part of our culture especially worn by brides or married women. It has always been a part of Indian attire and has been always loved by the wearer as it accentuates the curves making them look stunning and breathtaking. In short, this trend has always been in our culture but keeping in mind today’s audiences the designers and influencers have given it a modern touch along with a modern name that comes along with it.

Priyanka Sharma in Atlanta Intl Night Market for the Fashion show theme “Bollyglam Indofusion”

This trend is being heavily appreciated by everyone considering the number of  designs featuring this particular trend as it brings us back to our roots while also keeping ourselves connected to today’s fashion trends.  This trend of belting your saree around your waist just levels up your saree game and it is wonderful and equally astonishing how a mere accessory can change your whole look and amp up your personality. This trend got into the eyes of the public due to the frequent indulgence of celebrities who have on a lot many occasions carried it with a lot of elegance and grace. And as we all know, all we need is just one perfect public appearance of a celebrity with a graceful yet stunning outfit which automatically prompts us to follow the trend, and shortly after that outfit trend is buzzing all around the internet. This celeb-approved trend is currently being eyed by everyone and almost everyone who is amazed by this trend wants to at least try this once. 


Keeping the traditional factor intact and adding an oomph aspect to your dress, now what can be more trendy yet elegant than this style option and this is worth giving a try. And why wouldn’t you want to give it a try when you know a belt can cinch your waist and can beautifully accentuate your curves that are desired by everyone who wants to wear the saree.  

There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes down to the belt. You can explore and choose how to create your own unique look. As per the occasion or as per your comfort you can venture around any options considering the versatility of the saree no option will disappoint you rather every time you choose different styles of the belt it would give you a different look every time. So how to style your saree with a twist that will give your attire a structure and would take your look a notch higher. Now you know the trick of how a mere addition of the belt can change a lot and the best part is that this styling tip is for all body types and needless to say a fun way to wear a saree. So now it’s high time that you may like to update your closet. 


Types of belts to choose from.

Now we know the styling tip to follow but the question arises that the market is filled up with loads of options and choosing one of them can be quite overwhelming for someone so to avoid that hurdle here are a few of those options if you are new to this and would like to experiment with your look. 

  • Leather belt

It is one of those versatile belts that finds its place in almost every wardrobe. Its usefulness not only lies in flowy maxis, pants, or dresses but now you can confidently pair it with your favorite saree to reveal your chic and edgy look. The finishing details the belt gives are worth noticing. The combination of the grungy leather belt with the elegance of the saree can rock your style game. 

Shuba Ganapathy Stunningly posting in “Detroit Hosts India Day” event
  • Fabric belt

Usually, the fabric belts that are added are of the same color or same pattern as the saree but that should not stop you from experimenting with your look. You can transform the fabric strip of your saree into a belt or which has a similar pattern as your saree. Many celebrities these days are getting their hands on this trend with these belts and they simply look classy and elegant. 

  • Corsets

Corsets are wide belts which are widely used to create the trendy belt saree look. Corsets have always been famous for being a staple wear in western dressing but adding it with sarees is just like forming another indo-western outfit filled with glamour and will certainly give you a well defined look. Well, who wouldn’t like a chicness given to their look by all means thanks to those corsets which give you a slender shape. 

  • Metallic Saree Belts

There are several metallic belts to choose from such as golden, bronze or silver metallic ones to give you that dazzling party look. These belts look as if they were meant to give a statement look. With this new look given to your saree you can make this your go-to-look for any occasion especially party occasions. 

Dimple Jain wearing Metallic Belt
  • Embellished belts

To add a bling to your whole look and make a stunning appearance do not forget to add this piece of belt. Just pair this up with a simple saree and you are all ready to be the center of attention and can turn many heads towards you.

Aish – Wearing Maharshtra Saree with Belt for India’s Independence Day event in US

Now taking all these cues you might have got an insight as to how exactly you are gonna accentuate and carry your look. These are just a few examples but experimentation especially when it comes to fashion won’t cause you harm and who knows you might end up creating a buzzing trend all across the internet.

So have fun with experimenting with color blocking, matching the embroideries and embellishments while choosing your perfect belt saree look. 

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