Saree- Timeless fashion that refuses to retire ! – Sneha Rao

Can any girl not look pretty in a saree? The answer is definitely a ” NO, every girl would “! So is my love for sarees. This black silk saree saved especially for Shivrathri’s occasion turned into one of my favorite collections. Black and pink have a special aura, and the colors complement so well to each other to give an elegant look. Accessorized with simple jewelry, this look can be worn to any occasion temple or event or wedding, or to any event. My love for sarees is not new! It has a special story. Every girl’s first-ever worn saree will definitely be her mom’s saree. And so my love for sarees began when I first wore my mom’s saree for an event in my school teacher’s day event. I just instantly fell in love with the six yards of elegance and it was my first loved costume.

Not only just falling in love with sarees, but I also explored more different ways to tie saree and even won the ” Best attire ” subtitle during my fresher’s event in my college days. And that’s when my confidence boosted up and never went down.

From then till now no looking back. I wore multiple sarees to multiple events in different styles. In fact, When I won Mrs. India 2017 and represented India at the prestigious Mrs. Globe 2017 in China, my first official photo shoot round was in My favorite black plain saree with a sequence blouse. I represented Indian culture as best as I can and it attracted many eyes on a Global platform.

Saree has a unique beauty that no other costume can carry. From being sexy to classy you can carry it in multiple ways. In fact, a simple saree can make your look of the day. My go-to costume is definitely a saree for any event. Being in Singapore, I love to embrace Indian culture and have been trying to boost it in social media as much as I can.

Sneha Rao Kotte
Saree Enthusist.
Techie by profession in Singapore.
Mrs.India 2017
Mrs. India Globe 2017
Mrs. India Beauty Queen 2017

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