Celebrating pride month with the proudest woman | Sneha Malik

Saree is a feeling not a fabric and this is what I’ve loved and learned over the years.
Being born in a different body and then self realising that I’m a woman and a beautiful Transwoman. Since it’s a pride month and I’m accepting the way I’m.
We all are beautiful and we all women have this quality of accepting everything and everyone equally.

My first experience with saree was at the age of 25 when I was in a different land and then I realised it’s super hard to carry.
But over the years I realised that it’s one of the purest form of being feminine feelings within you. It’s a fabric of love , acceptance and greatness we women carry along. I wish I could wear it each and everyday in my life. And things are changing and I’m that part of a change as well. Thanks for always loving this beautiful “Naari” among you. Trust me, transwoman are woman too. And they’re equally gorgeous as you’re seeing in these pictures of mine.

Let me share my few experiences here. I went out for the first time in Saree in city where no one knew me actually.
I shared my feelings with one of my female friend and she was lucky to be the part of this beautiful outing. She told me I’ll wear the suit but you should wear the saree. I luckily found a make up artist in my city and then we both went to get ready from her. It took us a while in getting ready and I realised that day that why women take too long to get ready. It was just insane and approximately took me 4 hours to get ready and go out.

We went to a restaurant where LGBTQ people are accepted and everyone welcomed us so nicely. We had great talks and great food with lots of pictures got clicked together. It was such a perfect day of my life and I felt this is me and this is what I always wanted to be.

Why transwoman are not treated well in our country ? When the society’s will realise we are also normal people ? Why there is such taboo created among the societies ?

We can change it if we all are together in this but need support of each of you. I’ve done multiple outings later on with the same feeling and enthusiasm and they all are reflected here in the pics I’m sharing. Everyone is unique and everyone has their struggles so just respect and love everyone in this life.

Happy Sareeing…!!!

– Sneha Malik

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