In order to solve the soil catastrophe, well-known Yoga master and spiritual advocate Sadhguru founded the Save Soil movement, which unites individuals from all over the world to advocate for soil health and to assist national leaders as they implement policies and initiatives aimed at boosting the organic content of cultivable soil. This global movement aims to encourage a conscientious attitude to soil and the earth as a whole. Showing governments throughout the world that their constituents desire policies that rejuvenate the environment and soil is one of the movement’s primary goals. 

As part of his “Save Soil” Movement, Sadhguru visited the Gachibowli stadium on Wednesday. He addressed a big gathering in Hyderabad on the Save Soil Movement. He promoted an understanding of the significance of soil maintenance. By bringing people from all walks of life together to fight for soil health and to help national leaders in enacting national policies and measures to increase the organic content in cultivable soil, Sadhguru created the Save Soil worldwide movement to address the soil problem. Many influential people, politicians, humanitarians, and celebrities were among the luminaries that attended the occasion. 

Celebrity involvement increases a movement’s reputation and opens up new areas. The celebrity effect is the capacity of well-known persons to influence others. Celebrities may boost a movement’s reputation and appeal by promoting it thoroughly thanks to their loyal fanbase. 

With such intentions actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu was also invited, and she actively participated in it. 

Samantha looked lovely for the event in a saree. She shared pictures of herself on Instagram wearing the gorgeous saree. 


Silk sarees from the handcrafted luxury line Raw Mango are perfect for parties and other social gatherings. The saree has prominent yellow borders around the black and natural striped pattern. She color complimented the cause with her choice for her outfit and this is needless to say she looked divine in the outfit. Being composed of a silk warp and weft, it has a silky surface. Samantha paired her saree with a yellow, sleeveless shirt with a round collar. Her saree is worth 32,800 rupees.

Our ‘Dhara’ Mashru sari features black and natural stripes with a bold yellow border.It is composed of a silk warp and weft, resulting in a smooth silk surface that is loved and recognized for its possibilities, sumptuous tactility and outwardly lustre.
Natural variations in colours and weave are part of the textile, as it is handwoven.
Raw Mango

Samantha finished off the look with a dazzling set of gold hoops and rings. The model wore natural hair with a center part, winged eyeliner, mascara-coated lashes, mild smoky eyelids, a glossy pink lip color, dewy skin, and little makeup. 

When people and groups at the grassroots level are developed, fostered, and connected both to the movement’s purpose and via connections amongst its members’ social movements are more likely to thrive.

If we wait for somebody or something else to change, nothing will change. The people we have been searching for are us. We are altering what we wish to. So, before it’s too late, we must encourage and gather our forces to act swiftly in support of his just cause.


Source : Instagram

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