A Billion-Dollar Celebration: CAIT Forecasts Prosperous Indian Wedding Season

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) anticipates a significant surge in business activity for this year’s Indian wedding season. A survey by the CAIT Research & Trade Development Society estimates that Weddings will boost India’s economy by 4.25 trillion rupees ($51 billion) over a 23-day period from November 23 to December 15.

The projected business is 4.25 trillion rupees ($51 billion) for the upcoming Indian wedding season, marking a noticeable increase from the previous year’s 3.75 trillion rupees ($45 billion), as reported by Mint. CAIT’s research suggests that around 3.5 million weddings are anticipated during this period, underscoring the significant economic impact of these matrimonial celebrations.

Asha Sharath's daughter Uthara Sharath's wedding bridal Photos Saree Jewelry
Asha Sharath’s daughter Uthara Sharath’s wedding

India’s wedding season will witness a diverse range of wedding budgets, shaping the business landscape. It is estimated that approximately 50,000 weddings will fall into the luxury category, with expenditures exceeding 1 crore rupees ($120,000) per event. Furthermore, another 50,000 weddings are expected to have budgets of 50 lakh rupees ($60,000) each.

Commencing on November 23, 2023, and extending into December, the upcoming wedding season is poised to drive heightened demand for various venues, including banquet halls, hotels, open lawns, community centers, public parks, and farmhouses across India.

Many services, such as tent decoration, flowers, dishes, food, travel, taxis, photography, videography, music, and event planning, are expected to play a big role in this multi-trillion-rupee industry.

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