Indian Wedding Saga – Shiva Mishra

Haldi Ceremony Look in Yellow Banarsi Saree paired with my most Versatile Embroidered Jacket Blouse. Haldi Ceremony is the onset of First Loud Celebratory Dance and Party Ceremony , apart from all other continuing Poojas . Haldi Ceremony just gets the Ball Rolling for the youngsters and then theirs NO Looking Back from all the Fun and Masti times ….. Themed Yellow because of the Haldi Uptan ( Turmeric face and body Pack) use to give a Bright Glow .

Mehandi Ceremony Really sets the Mood for the Wedding . It’s an Elaborate Affair , high on Emotion Quotent . No matter How Hard you promise to make it Fun, Super Energetic, Dance, Dresses, DJ Party. You can’t deny the undercurrent Emotions. They come rolling Down your Eyes, the Moment DJ hits one emotional Mehndi song for the Bride to be ……… And there Goes your Eye Makeup with it. Thank God I got my Clicks before That. Fully Charged, no matter however my Legs were killing me , i sat only so as to give others a chance ……… That’s ME!! You know Me by Now.

Paired my All time Favourite Mysore Crepe with golden Dabka Work, with a Golden Boistrous Corset . Don’t miss my Jewelry

One of the reasons we love weddings so much is that they’re typically full of rituals. In fact, cultural elements are often what make them so special and meaningful. That’s because they’re passed down through history, connecting couples to their ancestors.
Many traditions have to do with fashion, and that’s no exception Indian wedding outfits are elaborate and stunning.
Red is considered auspicious and, not surprisingly, it is the most prominent color at Indian weddings—usually with gold accents.

The Last of All the functions at any wedding has different names : Reception , Cocktail , At Home.
Well Call it what you like but it has the feel of a Herculean Task Completed and that’s what gives this Hour an extra Boost of Letting your Hair Down. Have you also noticed that at this function its usually the Bride’s Side creating the most ruckus. I wonder Why ??
We are done with the Responsibility of setting the boat Sailing. Now it’s Yours to Steer. All the Best.
Well nobody is ever Done with their loved ones , Ever. But it’s Certainly the Time to discard your Heels and Dance till you Drop …..apart from all the Memories Created and moments to be Cherished.

In My Sparkly Best , literally the Badan pe Sitare Saree. converted from a net Fabric i loved .

Thank you
Ms. Shiva Mishra Singh

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