Social media emulating Gangubai

Gangubai Kathiwadi which is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s latest film has debuted to tremendous acclaim for its stupendous scenography and costuming. This movie is inspired by the life of Gangubai Harjivandas, a notable sex worker in Mumbai’s red-light district Kamathipura in the 1960s who later on became really famous for her social work has white hues present in the protagonist’s outfits. The white color had great prominence in the movie and proved to be a poignant point in the movie. The white color was the indication of the sense of authority and distinction. In the movie, the white saree has been portrayed as a rite of passage.  

The movie has different shades of white which prevented the movie’s cinematography from becoming monotonous all thanks to costume designers. The sarees that have been used are not just elegant but wearable as well. This movie has again brought the era of white where its magnificence is inescapable. 

Shirsa Sengupta emulating Alia Bhat

This movie has stirred the fashion industry and has created a buzz with its impeccable sarees. Needless to say, everyone wants to try their hands and imitate the fashion game played by Alia Bhatt in the movie. White has always been associated with purity in a cultural context.

The experimented looks with different shades of white have stood out in the movie and have been successful in appealing to its audiences. The outfits as the film demonstrates are appropriate for every kind of occasion be it a close gathering of family and friends or a casual night out. 

The buzz that has been created by this movie can be noticed on social media platforms. Be it fashion influencers, makeup artists, or newbies everyone wants to try this look at least once. The look consists of a white saree and embroidered blouse with mainly silver jewelry and a hairdo and flower decorating the hair. 

Dimple Jain in her recent shoot.

It can be seen on Instagram that many have tried experimenting with this look, be it with the makeup or costume according to one’s comfort. 

With all the love and support it has been gaining from its lovable audiences since the release it surely brought the era of different kinds of white sarees back. Many are trying to recreate the powerful dialogues and dance moves from this movie. 

For instance, in this picture, we can see Dimple Jain is emulating the character of Gangubai. She has elegantly dressed in a white saree, silver jewelry, a braided hairstyle, colorful bangles, appealing makeup, and last but not  least the iconic pose of the movie she has presented in the given picture. The picture itself radiates a distinct amount of ferociousness that seems contagious.   

The video above shows the portrayal of the character by Dimple Jain where she is enacting the character on the famous song of the movie. The bright red lipstick and the bindi is making her look appealing and her confidence is like the cherry on top.

Here in the picture below one can see the graceful Shirsa Sen who has successfully tried experimenting with the looks of the protagonist. The bright red blouse is a contrast to the soothing white shade of the saree.

The hairdo, the white flowers decorating her hair, the nose pin depicting fierceness in her look, the top-notch makeup, and the perfect choice of jewelry have completed this look. The embroidered blouse along with the saree is completing her enchanting look. 

The video above is by Shirsha Sengupta, an example of how impressive her acting skills are. Enacting the famous empowering dialogues of the movie she seriously succeeded in imitating the character.

These women are examples of how the people are deeply influenced by the movie, its plot, cinematography,dialogues, music, and obviously fashion and also influencing the world through social media platforms.. The craze seems justified if one sees the movie as the movie itself is so empowering and inspiring. 

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