“Saree – Six yards of perfect luxury” – Purva

Nobody can disagree that a six-yard drape is always attractive, or, to put it another way, “No Indian lady can ever say no to the beauty of a saree, and no Indian man can deny the magic of seeing a girl in a saree.”

I adore wearing sarees, especially for special occasions or festivals. Whether it’s a classic draped saree or a fusion style saree, you can never go wrong with a saree (I am amazed how gorgeous styles you can find nowadays in sarees)

Apart from many varieties of sarees, Banarasi silk sarees are one of my favorites.

Purva with her family performing Pooja in beautiful Banarasi Saree

Traditional south Indian sarees woven of pure silk are renowned for their aesthetic beauty and splendor around the world.

The beautiful thing about these sarees is that they are appropriate for any occasion, be it a wedding, a housewarming, or a celebration—the look is exquisite and refined.

Banarasi silk sarees are some of the most expensive and well-known sarees woven in Benaras. Because it’s usually composed of gold thread, it’s quite pricey. These sarees are popular as bridal wear and come in four different styles: kora, katari, sattir, and georgette. Animals, floral themes, motifs, and nature designs can all be seen on Banarasi sarees. A single saree takes a weaver a month to finish.

“Animals, floral themes, motifs, and nature designs can all be seen on Banarasi sarees.” – Purva

Residing in the United States, one looks for opportunities to wear the saree, and I am no exception! So I wore my all-time favorite silk saree to my SIL’s housewarming party and received numerous compliments from friends and family who said the saree looked beautiful on me. I’m sharing this with you because no matter how tall or short you are, or what body type you have, a saree will always look stunning on you. Carrying this type of stares is also a breeze.

I’m delighted to share a few photos of myself wearing this stunning blue and pink banarasi silk saree.

This lovely saree was purchased from the Banaras Saree Center in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Purva Pagaria

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  1. ” The traditional Indian dress saree is always ready to captivate its beauty through its simplicity. “

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