Twitter is trending with “MySariMyPride”.. Here is why?

The untouched elegance of the saree has made it the favorite apparel of Indian fusionists. Nothing makes you look more graceful than a saree does. Don’t you agree?
The six yards of sheer wonder, if draped well, oozes fearlessness and femininity.

Today we can see that #MysariMypride is trending on Twitter. The Union Textile Minister Piyush Goyal made a post on the Twitter platform that depicts the fact that Delhi going to host the exhibition ‘May Sari, My Pride — Ek Virasat. venue:
This exhibition of 75 different types of sarees is going to be held on 16th December at Handloom haat. He also adds “If you are a Sari lover, do not miss this & if you are not one, definitely visit”.
This is an excellent opportunity for many handloom craft men to showcase their products. Even many people of India didn’t aware of some handlooms of India, which symbolize the history of the culture and heritage.
It is a better place not only for the craftsmen but also for the people of Gen Z. It is the responsibility to be aware of the culture of our Country being a responsible citizen.

To know about this Traditional attire – Saree, Gender is not a barrier anymore. It is his or her right to follow and respect the tradition of their culture.
If you are a man with an interest to explore more about the saree and its history. It would be a great platform for you.

Behalf of this occasion, Many women showed their gratitude towards the event and shined in different kinds of sarees woven and hand-loomed.

Sharing a few of them for you:


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