• Avoid multiple pleats.
  • Try to make each pleat wider.
  • Minimize the number of pleats (instead of 7–8 pleats you can try to minimize it to 3-4 pleats?).
  • Start tucking it all the way from the ‘right’ side of your waist and bring it in the front, approximately 2 inches to the left of your navel.
  • When you tuck it try to keep them aligned.
  • You can pin your pleats at both ends so they all stay in line before you start tucking them.

** Make the pleats, tie the entire saree. Ask someone to press down the pleats together for you so that they form a creased straight compressed pleat.
** If you are going to be busy on the day you are planning to wear it.. then avoid too much running around.
** Put a heavy material cloth fall on the net sarees in order to keep them falling down due to the cloth weight and net is not puffed anymore.

Hopefully this helps & you’ll look very pretty in your beautiful netted saree.


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Source : Turpti Shane & Reshu Gupta Rajvanshi – Quora

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