In Ajrakh Sarees, Do you know the meaning of Ajrakh…!!

Wearing a Black Ajrakh saree on Malai Cotton. Paired it with a mix-n-match Ajrakh blouse and silver jewelry.

From its centuries-old origins to the special process of its creation, Ajrakh is a unique form of block printing.

Ajrakh is an exclusively handcrafted block-printing technique that came to Kutch from Sindh some 400 years ago at the behest of the King of Kutch, who invited craftsmen from the Khatri community to come and practice their art on the banks of the Dhamadka river.

The term ‘Ajrakh’ means “keep it today.”
The cloth is made in a sixteen-step process of washing, dyeing, printing, and drying, with one step being performed in one day and the fabric being put to rest for the day. The ingredients for Ajrakh are all derived from nature, be it herbs and vegetable essence or natural minerals.

Traditionally Ajrakh was worn only by men from the pastoral community of the Kutch, but today it has become a fashion statement.

The natural dyes used in Ajrakh printing lend a unique characteristic to the fabric. During summers, it expands the pores of the fabric, making it easy for air to pass through. During winters, the pores of the fabric close, providing warmth. No wonder, they say that Ajrakh is suitable to wear around the year.

Being a die-heart fan of Ajrakh, I keep on adding Ajrakh Sarees to my wardrobe in different materials and colors.


– Debasree Ghoshal

Anjali Stunning Georgette Black Saree & Collar Neck Blouse




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