Red Saree – Leather Boots – Red Bag – Huqqa – Hathkada… Ever Tried?

Confused with the title?
Well, let me start.
Being an advocate by profession, we have that obvious talent of giving our statement in the most effective and powerful way.
And these pictures of me captured in the beautiful desert, too have a statement.
In a world full of trends, sometimes a girl wants to wear something traditional. And Saree comes in the first place when we talk about tradition.
India is a vibrant country. We have different languages, cultures, festivals and different sarees too.
I am a person who not only ‘never misses opportunity to wear sarees, but also ‘creates an opportunity’ to wear it.
Handlooms always have a special place in my wardrobe.
Wearing a handloom is not just wearing a costume.
Handloom forms a part of the heritage of India and exemplifies the richness and diversity of our country and the artistry of the weavers.
My thoughts on wearing Hand-loom:
The new love for hand-loom among young women has become corporate wear today. Wasn’t handloom an Indian way of life! We have a very rich heritage in terms of handicrafts and hand-looms. Handlooms are never uncool and old-fashioned; it is a fabric that connects us to our history and politics.

West Bengal holds a special place in the heart of a handloom lover.
Baluchari, Dhakai Jamdani, Garad Silk, Banarasi, Tant and Begampuri aka Begumpuri.
Yes, I am wearing Beautiful Red Begampuri cotton Saree. Begampuri sarees are known for being easy and comfortable and are ready to wear. If you have less time to get ready. These are the sarees I recommend.
People ask me isn’t it difficult to wear a saree and stay all day long in it, I wonder that our mothers have done it, so why such kind of questions arise.
It is just the matter of practice to drape a saree.
The color Red used to define different Emotions, Courage, Anger, and Love are the most common.
The Begampuri cluster named after the eponymous Begampur in the Hoogly district of west bengal, it is well known for its bright and colorful combinations, intricate strips, the serrated extra weft border designs.
I would definitely suggest these sarees if you are looking to be a show stopper in a party.

Have you ever tried Saree with Boots? Celebrities and fashion icons tried Sarees with Sneakers.
I wanted to wear Boots. Yes, leather boots you can see in the picture.
I used them to mix with my styling and fashion.
This shoot has actually become “cult”, when I added Hookah/Huqqa.
The Middle East is famous for Hookah, so thought of posing it. Not really expected that it will take the entire shoot to next level.
I can not complete this without adding jewelry, the Neckpiece and Hathkada from an Indian Store.

And did I miss to say about the occasion?
Red…!!! Yes, It is for Valentine’s Day. and I call it Valentine Saree.
If you have tried any such a “Statement”, or if you want to try this statement of mine… please do tag me on my Insta. Would love to see or give it a try.
Through this Sareeing of mine, I wanted to give the Statement of “Confidence” with “Love”.

Supriya Ghosh


  1. Excellent and truly adorable pics….keep the good work …all the best !!!!

  2. You are an inspiration to the young girls to keep our saree tradition alive!!

    1. Thanks a ton Swati for encouraging words💕

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