Wanna give them a reason to stare? Wear Saree.
I am not good at clothes type, but yes… this saree fascinated me to enquire more about it. I am a person who loves to wear what catches my eye. I will not go into detail about the material, history, culture, quality and so. Because I don’t know much. If I like it, I buy it.

And nowadays we can see a new trend happening. Women are not preferring to repeat the same outfit for any next occasion. Of course, I am neither that type.
There are two colors in the world, which are always the show stoppers, No matter what you wear. Be it western or traditional.
Red and Black.
It’s a handloom linen Jamdani Saree with a Ganga Jamuna border.

Usually, Linen Sarees are best known for their light, soft comfort, convenience, style, and fashion. They are easy to wear, that’s why most newcomers to the Saree world prefer them. The fabric makes it a favorite during hot summers. It’s perfect for the summer season as it is sweat-absorbent and also skin-friendly. It’s one of the most superior types of fabric in comparison to other types of fabric.
Coming to the blouse, is so colorful that it matches almost any other saree.

I paired the saree with an Afghani Choker, Vintage Afghani Tribal jewelry, inspired by the crafts of the Kuch tribes of Afghanistan.

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Mouni Siri


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