Comfortable sarees to wear in summer

As we all know, summer has arrived on our doorstep, and it’s time to put away those trench coats, sweaters, pullovers, and beanies and make room in your closet for floral dresses and loose clothing. Not to mention the fact that summer brings with it blazing heat, which can be difficult to tolerate and that might ruin your fashion game cause oftentimes you want to wear your desired outfit but have to opt for another due to the prevailing cons of this weather. There are a few clothes in those times that never fail to please the wearer, regardless of the weather. An outfit that always resides on this list is “Saree ” and why wouldn’t it be considering its versatility. Sarees are unquestionably appropriate for all occasions no matter the season. One can swear by the versatility of this six-yard drape that has made its way around the world thanks to its lovers staying all around the globe who never fails to take pride in wearing it on several occasions. No one can deny how the sarees are prevailing as a fashion perfect choice everywhere be it the red carpets, workplace, or in the comfort of one’s home.  There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes down to choosing your perfect saree that can not only beat down the summer heat but will also amp up your fashion game. All thanks to it being highly liked and demanded that the trend of wearing sarees brought along various modifications to it. Now not only do they have attractive styles but are also being manufactured in different kinds of fabrics. Every type of saree has got something to offer to you be it the quality of it being easily draped or be its sweat absorbing properties when you venture down the aisle of different kinds of sarees to wear in summer not only you will be surprised to discover their reliability but will also become a loyal wearer of the attire.  

Now if we want to cut down to the list for the top fabrics of sarees there are many to choose from but here are a few of them which always manage to make it to the top. So below are a few listed sarees that are worth giving a shot. 

  • Cotton Sarees

If we are talking about the sarees which can help you to combat the heat then cotton sarees are a must to be on this list. This fabric is the most popular and versatile fabric used all around the globe. Not only are they breathable but are available with decent designs. Cotton clothes are in huge demand in summer so the demand for cotton sarees seems to be justified. With having a variety of designs that can easily match one’s style it also has sweat absorbing properties. Its popularity is due to the ease of its maintenance and the way it makes the wearer cool and light.

Sheethal wearing floral breezy cotton teamed with a versatile blouse from making a statement for meetings !

There are several types of cotton sarees to choose from no matter the occasion be it as non-casual wear, for daily wear, or even occasional wear. This leading lightweight fabric is no doubt the most comforting one on this list and can be an excellent choice for your summer closet essentials. They are ideal for summers as they allow plenty of air circulation and simple styles in both directions. With several historical fashion trends making their way to the forefront of the sartorial game wearing these dreamy sarees has never been more fashionable.  

  • Silk Sarees

  Coming down to our second type of sarees, silk sarees seem to dominate this position and why would not it considering their natural protein structure and hypoallergenic properties all of which lead to easy breathable fabric. This saree is highly suitable to wear on different kinds of occasions during summers. While you are rocking your style the fabric will absorb the sweat allowing your skin to breathe. This cozy fabric has temperature regulating properties and has so many options when it comes down to exciting multiple shades of colors and charming designs. So this summer do yourself a favor and try to carry this classy lightweight fabric along with its sophisticated designs.

Shalini Singh from Bangalore sharing her love for Silk Saree
  • Chiffon Sarees

No one can ever neglect sarees which have an indisputable place in Indian wardrobe and this fabric is a must-have. The Chiffon sarees are setting the market ablaze as they are currently liked a lot by people. This fabric is an all-rounder with its fabric quality being comforting giving a distinctive look to the one wearing it. This thin fabric does not feel heavy on the body and is airy making it perfect summer wear for saree lovers.

Kunjan Mawar in Blue Chiffon Saree

This is a pellucid type of fabric that is finely woven and handcrafted which makes it so authentic that it will never disappear from your wardrobe. It has got an elegance which is irresistible for anyone. So if you are looking for a saree that is easy to handle, breathable, and authentic style that can transition your summer staple then this versatile fabric can be your fit. If you’re a fashionista, Chiffon sarees with exotic prints are a must-have. 

Kunjan Mawar again in her favorite Pink Chiffon Saree
  • Khadi 

This fabric proves itself to not just allow maximum comfort but also has a unique weave that makes it popular among the ones who constantly look for authentic outfits to complete their look. This is a handwoven fabric and is made from handspun yarn and popular designers have always worked extensively on it. Its properties such as being easily washable, breathability, and durability should be taken into deliberation.

Veena Ruban in Khadi Saree

Khadi sarees should be in your summer wardrobe to gain the finest compliment. This sort of saree is made of natural fibers and features hand-woven fabric so the one who wears them prefers it due to its exquisite fabric and the fact that they may be worn to any occasion. It will surely add femininity and elegance to your style. This is one of those soothing outfits that is a must-have for the summer closets so do pick out this favorite summer pick to make a perfect summer statement. Khadi sarees are timeless—use them as you prepare for a long day at the office! 

Standing Tall – Veena Ruban in Khadi Saree

Now if you love sarees these stunning summer saree staples can be your pick. Wear it with grace while everyone looks at you in amazement. These sarees are both light and dressy enough to be worn for a variety of situations. 

So while we all lament the early departure of warm winters, we surely do need to keep increasing temperatures in check. For the time being the chill has dissipated so now it’s time to dust off your summer ensembles from the back of your closets. 

The harsh sunlight and scorching weather have made it necessary to wear lightweight ensembles. No matter what you are doing, be it sipping coffee along with your friends on a brunch date, doing chores, attending formal occasions, or putting your minds to the test at work, we all want ourselves to be cool and comfortable throughout the day. Let alone the heat, at least your outfit should try to dissipate the heat.  Nothing can surpass the elegance, the grace, the charm of ultra-light and summery sarees which always comes to one’s resume when it comes down to choosing the perfect attire for all kinds of occasions. In a nutshell, with the increment of temperature happening every day you need to upgrade your style quotient to deal with this scorching heat. By wearing the above-stated sarees you not only value your comfort but also give preference to your style. And why wouldn’t it be when sarees make us feel attached to our roots and can be really comfortable. So beat the heat this summer by wearing your favorite styles.



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