“Dhoti sarees” Tradition with a tint of modernity

The Dhoti saree, also known as the Nauvari, is a nine-yard drape also known as Nau Vaar in Marathi and this has been highly inspired by how a Maharashtrian dhoti is worn. The Maharashtrian community is where the Dhoti saree, also known as Kasta saree, originated. As time passed there were several changes that were later introduced in it which made this garment really easy to wear and carry all along. The traditional Dhoti sarees worn in the traditional Marathi style can be difficult for one, can be time-consuming, and will be difficult to master without a lot of practice. Taking into consideration these drawbacks of this beautiful attire, pre-stitched or ready-to-wear dhoti sarees have emerged not only because they are highly stylish and beautiful but also full of ease. This costume provides an ease to its wearer as it does not require any petticoat also it does not require any underskirt beneath it. Due to the fact that it does not require any additional clothes for any support it is also known as Akanda Vastra. 

There are a lot of traditional values attached to this piece of garment such as wearing the Dhoti saree is said to be ethical and dharma following as the Nauvari saree has always been considered as one of the Sattvik garments. It is said by the ancestors that whoever wears this beautiful piece of clothing their disturbing energy linked with the energy body is released which results in lowering restlessness and ego thus one can say that wearing Dhoti sarees can have a revitalizing impact on the body, mind, ego, and intellectual abilities. Not only this, wearing this Nauvari saree or its derivative which is a Dhoti sarees might help one to maintain mental stability and alert one’s conscience.  

This beautiful garment comes in a wide range of varieties and textures such as cotton, silk, satin, and more as well as a variety of brilliant colors which is one of the best options available to wear on several occasions. 

There are several varieties of styles and lengths available for this attire and can be worn in various styles but it all depends on one’s particular taste and fashion choice.  It can be worn in a variety of ways, and the length of the saree varies from ankle length to knee length depending on the taste of one’s fashion sense or the occasion one is wearing it for. The picture below is of Jalpa Mehta who is wearing a white Dhoti saree. 

Here she has inculcated silver shaded sneakers, a metallic belt to accentuate her waistline, and accessorized it with a nose pin. Needless, she is looking so elegant and sensational as she fused the traditional Dhoti saree with her modern touch. There are several pictures on her Instagram handle @Sareeostani where she has posted a lot of her looks draped in Dhoti sarees and can be an inspiration for others. Such as one of her pictures which were shot in Dubai.  

This ethereal look of hers contains a dark blue Satin saree draped in Dhoti style and she has paired it up with a cap organza blouse and accessorized it with a jute belt. She completed her look by including a few rings, a watch, a necklace, and silver footwear. She is donning her look with a graceful pose. 

On the occasion of the republic day of India, she shot a few photos in Blue waters present in Dubai one of them being shown below that shows how flawlessly one can flaunt one’s traditions without having a fear of being left out current fashion trends.

She also shot a few pictures in the Mall of Emirates located in Dubai, where we can see her wearing a Mul cotton saree draped in Dhoti style.

She accessorized it with a black leather belt flaunting her waistline and giving it a shape, a bright red handbag, silver shaded sneakers, green bangles, a watch, and a choker complimenting her look. Finally, she completed her look with a cool pair of shades.  Jalpa Mehta is a perfect example and an inspiration to everyone that no one should shy away from flaunting their traditions. All you need is to revamp your look with the help of a little bit of experimentation. She is a true fashionista by experimenting with her looks by giving them a tint of tradition.

Her graceful appearance is the perfect example of respecting traditions while also considering your love for keeping up with trends. 

The picture below is of Pooja Ghosh who is wearing a Nauvari saree or one can say Dhoti saree. 

This is the Peshwai style of wearing a Dhoti saree and is more inclined to its traditional roots. Wearing a Kasta saree without a petticoat tucked at the back can be tricky, but can be done with practice. The way she is wearing it makes her look so lovely and elegant. She has been successful in showing old is gold her traditional look paired up the Mangalsutra, green bangles, and pearl jewelry is making her look like a Maharashtrian bride would look. With her contagious smile, she is looking like an ethereal beauty and shows the gracefulness of the Dhoti sarees. 

The picture above is of Akshita Wadhwa who is also wearing a Dhoti saree but with her own tint of modernity. She accessorized it with a watch, metal bangles, and a beaded necklace that is contrasting with the red-colored saree. Lastly completing her look with similar colored Juttis not only does she look graceful but her confidence with which she is carrying this outfit is making her look stand apart from the crowd. She truly captured what would be the perfect presentation of trends with the tradition. 

It is particularly designed to be lightweight and one of its advantages is it can be pre-stitched clothing that makes it really easy to wear and easily can be transported. There are several pros of this clothing such as these drapes are ideal for any body type and anyone can wear them in their own style and it would definitely look elegant and virtuous. There are several ways to wear it such as putting them on a pair of trousers and pin-up the end to get ready in a flash. This is not only a time-saving outfit but also comfortable and stylish to wear. It mainly depends on the colors and designs as to how one can accessorize it or drape it. Some prefer to accessorize this drape with a color contrasting blue and a richly embroidered belt or jewelry. 

Preeti Bhinge donned a pink saree with exquisite designs in the photo above. To balance the equation of pattern and plain, she teamed this saree with a plain golden blouse. To emphasize her curves, she added an embroidered belt to her ensemble. She completed her look by wearing silver-tinted sandals, and a ring and leaving her curly locks open. She certainly enhanced the beauty of this timeless classic. Her elegance is shining through in this attire.

There are several benefits of wearing this saree, one of them being that the one who is wearing it is protected from both sides front and back by the two ends of the pallu of the Dhoti saree.

Shweta Singh wore an excellent highly embroidered saree in a Dhoti style in the photo above to complete her look. She appears ethereal with a Gajra wrapped around her hair and bangles that match the tone of her dress. She wore a blouse that went well with her saree. Heavy earrings, a nose pin, a ring, and a lavishly designed anklet have been added to her overall look to give it a touch of tradition. Her presence is irresistible and her look is otherworldly.


There were several times when celebrities carried this Dhoti saree in an unconventional way which captured a lot of attention of the audiences and people got really hyped up by this trend.

Be it Sonam Kapoor who wore a pink tulle Dhoti saree to a Cannes red carpet event fulfilling the proof that she truly is a fashionista of Bollywood. With her impeccable looks, she really elevated her looks and looked stunning. 

Shilpa Shetty too has helped in setting this trend with her impeccable sense of fashion. 

These divas have flaunted Dhoti sarees on many occasions and get appraised by critics for their choice of outfit and for bringing this attire back into the fashion arena. 

They fused traditional attire with modern waves by carrying it with a crop top or an edgy blouse. Not just this they completed their look with tight leggings or fitted pants or trousers.  

Dhoti sarees are now entirely made up of silk instead of cotton. They are also pre-stitched which makes them convenient, and elegant and the absence of a petticoat can make them look thinner as there is no extra bulk around the waist.

So style it this time by choosing the appropriate sassy blouse to complement your look. Accessorize your look for that glitz and glam for your appearance. Most of the wearer prefers a plain saree rather than a printed one to drape as the Dhoti style draping will be obscured. Try to choose a Dhoti saree with contrasting borders so that the saree graphics are visible. Lastly, to give your Dhoti saree a classic flair, pair it up with a waistline and wear a pair of high heels to compliment your gleam and you are all good to go and attend your event be it casual or formal.


The traditional manner of wearing this saree is to wear it, drape it all across the body, and let it hang from your shoulders but we all can see that modern times brought along a lot of new fashion trends, new ways are merging also people are experimenting and discovering ways to wear this conventional Dhoti saree. And why wouldn’t it be when we all know the fact that a saree might be the most attractive attire on a graceful lady but giving her a fresh look by using fascinating methods to wear traditional attires can give anyone an extra edge and help one in winning their fashion game.



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