Proud to have this Gem in my wardrobe.

Once I had a chance to go to BANGALADESH (which was my first ever foreign tour) while posted in AGERTALA (TRIPURA).

After reaching DHAKA the first day evening shopping starts with DHAKAI sarees.
The shopkeeper shown us all types of there Dhakai Jamdani sarees . Muslin TANGAIL Jamdani Saree is one of them which supposed to be the royal sarees of ancient time. (proud to have in my wardrobe Today I’m wearing the same saree )
The importance of the same lies in quality and nature.
It is made up of cotton fabric which is also used in of the same lies in quality and nature. in medicine, dressmaking, and culinary arts.
The best advantage of this muslin sarees is that it can easily dry texture. There are varieties of colors available in muslin saris which can enhance your overall look and beauty. From patterns to quality, everywhere muslin sarees are ranked the best Saree.

Muslin Saree Features:
The muslin is the exotic fabric and most fascinating fabric used. Some of the features of muslin sarees are,
It is sensuous to touch.
It is extremely light in weight and high in quality.
It is also exotic to behold.
The Jamdani technique is used to provide traditional floral weavings.
The patterns are unique and adorable.
The muslin saris are fine enough to provide a complete edition of silk and cotton.
It gives a royal look and remains at a reasonable price.
#Sotd today I’m wearing TANGAIL Jamdani Saree as by the name, you can guess that this Jamdani came from the Tangail District of Bangladesh.
Tangail Jamdani Sarees rich with their Floral Designs & board motifs. paired with Brocade blouse from Fabindia would be perfect as an evening wear look gorgeous in this ancient weave hand woman in intricate motifs lightweight comfortable and elegant.
Proud to have this 💎 in my wardrobe.

– Niran Sood

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