How to make carpet from old sarees?

Saree Blanket

Here is one method for making a Carpet/Blanket from old sarees:


  • Several old sarees in different colors and patterns
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • A large piece of thick, sturdy fabric (such as canvas) for the base of the carpet
  • A sewing machine


  • Cut the sarees into strips of varying widths, depending on the desired look of the carpet.
  • Pin the strips of fabric to the base fabric, arranging them in a pattern that you like.
  • Sew the strips of fabric to the base fabric using a sewing machine, making sure to sew close to the edge of the strips.
  • Continue adding strips of fabric and sewing them in place until the entire base fabric is covered.
  • Trim any excess fabric from the edges of the carpet.

Note: This is a basic guide for making a carpet from old sarees, you can get creative and come up with your own designs or patterns as well.
It is always a good idea to refer to pictures of saree borders for inspiration and guidance.

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