Nobody likes to remain stagnant. No matter how great a place may be, if we were confined there permanently, the concept of immobility would prevent us from being creative, from having aspirations and desires, and from setting any goals. Without a sense of direction, we would be suspended in space and time while floating through time in zero gravity. By saying goodbye, we can better organize our time and give the present what it deserves so that we may create a better tomorrow. Even though saying goodbye to a place that has served as our home away from home makes most of us weep, farewells and goodbyes are in some ways essential to our lives. The joy of the goodbye includes getting dressed with friends, taking photographs of your costumes, and sharing them with one another. It is these memories and joy in the little things that matter and one remembers for a very long time. For what to dress for a memorable goodbye, there are several options. It’s a good idea to be aware of and dress in accordance with any goodbye dress codes.

Black Sequence Sarees are recently trending for Farewell Parties. Ananya Nagalla posing in Retro-Look

For a very long time, saree has been undeniably one of the most favored outfits for farewell parties. But as the season of goodbyes approaches one might get confused and overwhelmed in the sea of options and ideas. Fret not, we are here to help you sail ahead smoothly so that your only concern must be to make as many memories as you can.

  • Consider light prints or floral prints.

Going the flowery natural route is an effective strategy. Wear a saree with delicate pastel designs to showcase your youth.

Ish’s Sareeing in Farewell

Ish who is wearing a light pink Organza saree which has subtle floral prints on it. She didn’t go overboard with jewelry and complemented the subtleness of her saree by choosing a contrasting dark shade of pink.

Mohi Jaya in gray organza saree
Mohi Jaya in gray organza saree

The above picture is of Mohi Jaya who is wearing a light gray-colored organza saree that has distinct flowery patterns having vibrant colors. She balanced her look with the addition of a plain solid gray-colored blouse. She went ahead to complete her look with a statement earring.

Kishita Luthra's light-colored saree with belt
Kishita Luthra’s light-colored saree with belt

Kishita Luthra who is wearing a light-colored saree that has distinctive prints all over. She has given a twist to her styling by wrapping the saree forward and giving a defined look by adding a statement belt. She added a plain sleeveless ruffled blouse which complimented her look.
Style yourself with modestly hefty jewelry and let the color work its magic. For the selection of a saree, you must consider your own body shape.

  • Consider going for a monotonous look.

You should stick to a monochromatic outfit, which means the same color or shade of saree and blouse.

Jigna Shah in Black
Jigna Shah in Black

The above picture is of Jigna Shah who wore a stark black colored saree and paired it up with a one-shoulder gray blouse with a hint of black. She kept her look minimal by pairing hoop earrings and a bracelet.

Dhijisha Dhanesh in Green & white Organza saree
Dhijisha Dhanesh in Green & white Organza saree

Dhijisha Dhanesh , wearing a Green & white Organza saree. It is a white saree with faint and dark patterns of green flowers running all over the body and paired it with a green sleeveless knotted blouse, with a deep open back. Accessories kept simple by pairing silver jhumkas and a bangle matching to the saree.


Swati Singh in Grey Black
Swati Singh in Grey Black

Swati Singh in Black on this special occasion is the newest vogue. She is looking creative and her appearance reflecting the personality and fashion preferences.
The amalgamation of the same color will make you the star of your farewell party though, assuming you can manage this effectively.

Sandra Sabu in Cobalt blue and metallic belt
Sandra Sabu in Cobalt blue and metallic belt

Sandra Sabu is wearing a solid Cobalt blue colored saree that has a distinctive design over it. She matched her appearance with the same colored sleeveless blouse and paired it up with a metallic embellished belt to define her waist. She accessorized her look with metallic bangles, statement earrings, and an embellished necklace.
The color of the saree and blouse should match as closely as you can. You may complete your entire style by wearing a complicated neck-piece and large, chunky earrings.

  • Choose solid colors for a funky look.

Picking a solid color will be advised if you want to go overboard with accessories and emphasize your blouse. There is also a tonne of colors you may choose from that flaunts your skin tone and body type as different hues can complement a different skin tone and complexion. Find a blouse that looks as gorgeous as you can, and see how you do. To avoid over-accessorizing, keep in mind whether your blouse is extensively beaded.

Janvi Sukhija's Oxford blue saree with belt
Janvi Sukhija’s Oxford blue saree with belt

Picture is of Janvi Sukhija who wore a solid Oxford blue colored saree with a black sequin blouse. To give a defined look to her waist she has included an accessorized belt which goes very well with her whole look. Lastly, she kept her look minimal by accessorizing it with dangling earrings.
Be the vibrant beauty you’ve always wished you were by donning a strikingly contrasting hue!

  • Pick traditional with a tint of modernity

When you decide to stick strictly to tradition, nothing can go wrong. You can play around with it a little as it might be seen as the first step towards femininity. Depending on what looks best with your face cut, you can either leave your hair down or bun it. Remember to pick a light saree that could also be traditional because you will be attending both the formal and casual portions of the party. These will make you appear young and feminine, and gold danglers or dot earrings, and chokers are a simple way to decorate. For individuals who desire to surprise with their appearance, classy and subtle is ideal!

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Akshita Wadhwa
Akshita Wadhwa
  • Half sarees came to your rescue

(check : How to wear a half saree)

It may be most intriguing at the farewell party to have the delight of blending two utterly distinct textures, designs, colors, and styles. It detracts from your youth if the saree is overly adorned, so choose half sarees that are straightforward and have modern patterns. A non-traditional half saree will make you stand out. By selecting this you may rescue yourself from the clever draping dilemma and yet look beautiful on your farewell. It is much simpler to deal with when you are too preoccupied with taking pictures and dancing for the event.

Harini Varadarajan
Harini Varadarajan
  • Time to bring out your love for sequin/ metallic/ sheer

Metallics have returned during this final season along with sequins, and sheer sarees. Many college-bound women will be wearing metallic-colored clothing for their farewells.

Harshita Pandey in Sequin saree
Harshita Pandey in Sequin saree

Above shown picture is of Harshita Pandey who is wearing a subtle Almond-colored sequin saree. She paired her look with the sleeveless blouse of the same and added embroidered hoop earrings to compliment her look.

Aditi in Salmon pink-sequin saree
Aditi in Salmon pink-sequin saree

Above shown picture is of Aditea who is wearing a Salmon pink-colored sequin saree. Needless to say, it is the sequin that is making the heads turn around. She paired it up with a sleeveless blouse of the same and accessorized it with statement earrings.
In the accessories department, a delicate bracelet, and little earrings will be plenty. Bring a chic handbag to finish the ensemble.
Net sarees are the classiest and most stylish option available. You can choose to get net sarees with complex brocade-like work on the borders and trail alike if you want to create a more crafty appearance.
Back in style are sequins. With a little sequin here and there, you may dress up your saree. The total outfit may be perfect for your farewell with just a sequin border and blouse. While not appearing over the top, it yet makes you stand out on your important day.

Well, these are simply general recommendations; ultimately, go with your gut. No one wants to screw up on this important day, so make an effort to appear stunningly gorgeous. However, keep in mind that in the end, what matters most are the memories you created.

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