Ten simple steps to wear a Half Saree (Langa Voni / Pavadai Daavani / Langa Daavani / Choli Dupatta)

A characteristic of South India, Half sarees are popular among young females who dress themselves up in their traditional garb.
It is a symbolic dress that marks the beginning of adulthood among girls.
It is a replacement for the simpler blouse and skirt used before puberty hits.
It has several names in various parts of India and there are several same types of dresses present in several states.
The difference lies in the variation in the patterns, artisanal representations of designs, and the way it is draped.

Well here are the following ten steps as to how to wear Half Saree i.e Langavoni easily so that they can make a place in your wardrobe :

  • STEP ONE: Gather the materials needed which would be the desired skirt, a blouse or Lehnga to blend well with the skirt, the drape or Voni, and safety pins. 
  • STEP TWO: Wear the skirt and blouse together and make sure that they complement the drape’s appearance. Analyze the height of the skirt to ensure smooth mobility.
  • STEP THREE: Now begin draping one end of the drape. Start making pleats on the pallu section to drape it around your shoulder.
  • STEP FOUR: Try to tuck the pleats in one corner on the right-hand side of your waist so that the other corner gives a gorgeous V over your left hip.

  • STEP FIVE: After making a V shape exactly behind you can tuck the whole pleat section at the middle of your waist in front.
  • STEP SIX: To ensure safety, secure the pleats with small safety pins.
  • STEP SEVEN: To make a pallu for your right shoulder bring the rest of the length around the left to the back and then under the right arm.
  • STEP EIGHT: Try to fit the two borders so that the border of the drape is flaunted right at the center of the middle of your waistline in front.
  • STEP NINE: Pallu pleats made can be fastened with the help of safety pins to the shoulder so that they remain piled and drape falls to the legs at the very least.
  • STEP TEN: Last but not least if the saree has a loose loop at the rear tuck it in for a clean appearance at the back waist. Finally, check your mobility and ensure you are comfortable enough in it. 

This attire is gaining a lot of popularity as a stunning attire that can be worn for several occasions and can suit any body type.

It can be draped in a variety of ways and are available in several styles. But it all depends on an individual’s choice of what improvisations they want in their outfit be it modern or traditional half saree design.

In pics : Harini Varadarajan

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