Who says saree can be only be worn in traditional way, saree is a six yard of pure elegance that can be worn in hundreds of ways. Sometimes in traditional way sometimes in fusion. A few tips when you style saree in fusion way. Try to pick minimal accessories so that the style is not over powered by other things. When you decide to style saree in fusion style pick light weight sarees (since they are much easier to drape in many ways and they don’t make you look bulky).

When you are styling saree in fusion try to pick single colored sarees, if you pick too busy saree it will probably won’t enhance the style that much, if at all you wanna try the bold prints for fusion pick very light colored or neutral colors blouses.
Last but not the least Carry your saree with your own attitude. Saree can make any Naari look like a million bucks as long as you wear it with confidence.

Here is a Self done phulkari saree worn with brocade corset blouse with a fascinator and gloves to give it western twist. I picked this look for an yearly tradition “Saree Parade” that happens right here in California. This year it was even more special because we got on stage after Two years of Covid.

For the love of Saree,

Shalini Datta

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