Saree is my Soul clothing – Shalini Datta

In a society where women are expected to whisper, I prefer to roar. I am a lady who follows her own set of rules. Well, as someone rightly said that much can be analyzed by the way one dresses up or the way they carry their outfits. So to make my own statement in this regard I picked this baby pink tissue organza saree with a dramatic brocade blue corset embedded with green patterns from a variety of weaves and hand-looms. When paired with this corset, this lovely delicate saree took on an English Royal aspect. Needless to say, this whole outfit just fulfills my aesthetic which is an empowered feminine look. For a hot summer day, this vibrant yet feminine style is ideal. What do you suppose the Queen would say if she saw this? Even if I said this pink saree is the ultimate of elegance, I wouldn’t be able to convey the magnitude of its beauty. In this outfit, I have added several ensembles to match the vibe of this alluring piece of garment. Attention should be drawn to the fact that it is effortlessly able to beautify any body type.

The jewelry I’ve chosen to go with it, such as the ring, the lovely embedded necklace, an anklet, and the bracelets, just add to the whole appearance. Finally, I used beige-colored footwear to complete this appearance so that the focus is not pulled away from the clothing and stays neutral. Organza silk is a favorite saree fabric among Indian ladies who want to put together a sophisticated and exquisite ensemble. The organza silk saree is ideal for a variety of situations, from traditional draping to party appearance.

Organza sarees will fulfill all of your needs, whether you’re searching for a saree to wear to a party, a festival celebration, or a wedding. Women who want to emphasize their curves would love organza sarees. The fabric of the saree is solid, therefore it extends the figure frame when worn. Women can embrace the pure beauty of organza and flaunt it, but they must pay attention to the drape, which must be correctly done up. Organza sarees are difficult to control, yet they may be draped to highlight the saree’s fall and flatter any body type.

Organza is a fairly durable fabric, so don’t be fooled by its transparent appearance. Organza silk sarees are made of a special fabric called organza, as the name suggests. Tissue is a very lightweight plain weave cloth with a sharp hand. Silk has historically been used to make organza. Tissue organza is a popular weave used by both traditional and modern tailors to create gorgeous sarees, skirts, and other garments.

This cloth is popular not just in South Asian nations, but also among designers in the Western world. Women from all walks of life appreciate wearing sarees made of such amazing fabric because they offer them such a sophisticated and subtle appeal. I couldn’t stop myself from wearing and purchasing sarees made of this delicate yet durable fabric.

If I may say “Saree is my soul clothing” it’s not an exaggeration.


Shalini Datta


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