Dancing while Sareeing – International Dance Day Special

Dancing is one of those activities that not just promote fitness but also help in boosting confidence and self-esteem levels.
It teaches one to have a balance and flexibility between their mind and body.
It is not new that the dancing platform provides a gateway to express one’s inner emotions freely without any judgment.
So, if one is interested to pick up on it they need to be at their utmost comfort be it through their body or through their outfit.
There are several options available for various forms of dancing but one common myth among people is that Saree is an attire that can be worn if you want to make a modest appearance but if it is dancing then one might be uncomfortable handling it.

Well, think again; there are various dance forms that use sarees as their costume, but they are for particular dance forms; what about the generic ones?
Then you might be pleased to know that without any hesitation you can pick out your favorite saree and groove along to your favorite song all while slaying those moves.
It all becomes easy when we have an inspiration or a person we look up to gather the confidence to make a move.
Well, fret not we have a perfect example to demonstrate how one can not only make a graceful appearance but also dance freely as they desire.
Below is a short video of Sneha Ariani who is grooving while flaunting her appearance in an off-white colored saree with golden borders and intricate embroidery.
Lastly, to top it off she paired it up with a red blouse with golden detailing.



It is needless to say how flawlessly she is able to groove on the song.
It is said that your face is a canvas for your emotions and if there is a lack of comfort it might be visible on your face but here we can see how effortlessly she pulls off all these moves and there’s just joy and beaming confidence.
For relevance check out the video below where she is wearing a vibrant yellow saree and bright blue blouse and you will agree that the moves she performs seem like a dream for many to perform in a saree but she gracefully performs it.


When it comes to saree it is such a versatile outfit to carry for an exemplary appearance and does not be concerned if you have to make a visit to the dance floor worrying that it might be difficult to carry along traditional jewelry while dancing.
Here are a few videos in which Sneha shows us how one can rock a traditional appearance without being left behind on a dance floor.




Well, nothing is impossible if one puts their mind to it.
The same is the case with it. If you can make a flawless appearance in a saree then why hesitate to wear it while you are at ease with your soul.
There are a few tips and tricks that you can follow for better memory.
For better movement, prefer wearing lighter materials.
It is not just helpful in movements but will also help you in sweat control.

Try using the garments having fewer embellishments for the first few experiences.
Use lighter and less complicated jewelry for a better experience.

Last but not least wear a well-fitted overall outfit to flatter your physique and obviously for those moves.

One can add on as many points as they wish but these are a few that are a must.
Everything comes with its own hurdle but fortunately, the difficulties which one thinks that they might face while dancing when they are wearing a saree are readily overcomeable. Do not let these issues come in between the joy of your dancing and love for your sarees.
Practice the way you like, look up to inspirations if they can do so can you. So what is stopping you from rocking your saree on the dance floor after all everyone’s a diva when they wear that beautiful six yards of elegance.

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