Invisibly Sareeing –’s Special and exclusive

It is no wonder that in the past few years social media has become a major platform to showcase one’s passion for something one cherishes.
The arena the internet presents has a plethora of options be it of any background.
We here at have our major goal to showcase the rising inspirational influencers who are quite enthusiastic about their love for saree and have a lot of exciting information to offer regarding this garment.
While scrolling through the facade of the internet we came across quite an interesting and extraordinary profile that intrigued our interest due to its distinct creativity and aesthetically pleasing styles.
Obviously, the main motive is to forecast the beauty of the sarees but something that is unique about this profile.

But before unveiling this we would like to remind you of an interesting Telugu film that was Pelli Sandadi(1996).
It became popular due to its song in which the filmmaker introduced the protagonist without displaying her face.
The song “Soundarya Lahari… Swapna Sundari” successfully was able to depict the heroine’s attractiveness without showing her entire face in one shot.
Due to the popularity of the song its remake was made in the Hindi movie “ Mere Sapno Ki Rani” (1997) and the Tamil movie Ninaithen Vandhai (1998).

The point is beyond the glamour of these songs.

I’m pretty much sure you might have grasped the point: what exactly is the main aspect behind the example that totally relates to this profile.
In her profile, there are over three hundred posts that portray her love for this ethereal garment but what makes her unique is that she abstains from showing her face.
After this mysterious encounter, we tried reaching her and we are glad that we were successful in getting a glimpse into her ideas.
Upon asking the most prompted question that why does not she reveal her face she responded that her sole idea is to showcase the beauty of the respective saree that she is wearing that needs to get into the spotlight.

This is what came quite surprising to us as in a society where everyone is battling for self-identity through photos, postures, and different ideas she is one of a kind who is devoted to letting people see the gracefulness of sarees.
That prompted us to learn more about her which led us to know one more amazing thing about her which is her profession.
She is a pilot and has been in the sector of Aviation for over seven years.

She states that her love for sarees was always present somewhere within her but it was only after her marriage that she started wearing them.
Being an introvert by nature she was quite hesitant to showcase her love for sarees and style inspirations and that is when her spouse came into the picture and motivated her which led to the formation of her page.

She is Anushka Nair who considers herself a full-time saree lover and a part-time pilot.
Quite an intriguing bio.
If you want to know more about her and take a look around her page for style inspiration then check out her page on Instagram @pankhwalipallu.

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