Sankranti, the vibrant festival of harvest and new beginnings, is typically celebrated in a riot of colors. But Abhinaya broke the mold with her stunning black half saree look at the ‘Kalaignar 100yrs celebration,’ proving that black can be just as festive and elegant for the occasion.

The centerpiece of the outfit was a black georgette saree, its diaphanous fabric draped into a graceful half-saree style. The pallu, adorned with thin red lining, flowed over her shoulder, adding a touch of brightness to the dark canvas. This unconventional twist on the traditional saree brought a modern edge to her Sankranti attire.


Balancing the boldness of the black was a vibrant red blouse. The blouse, crafted from rich Banarasi silk, featured intricate gold embroidery that echoed the zari motifs on the saree. The deep red hue injected a burst of energy and festivity into the look, making it perfect for the joyous occasion.

Abhinaya’s accessories were carefully chosen to enhance the traditional charm of her outfit. A jasmine gajra bun, nestled amidst her cascading black tresses, exuded a sweet fragrance and added a touch of South Indian flair. Bold red lipstick accentuated her smile, while a string of maroon bangles adorned her wrists, adding a pop of color against the black. Finally, a small black bindi completed the look, tying everything together with a touch of traditional elegance.


Abhinaya’s black half-saree look was a masterclass in balancing tradition and modernity. The unexpected color choice, complemented by the vibrant red blouse and traditional accessories, created a striking and sophisticated ensemble that was perfect for the festive occasion. It proved that black can be just as beautiful and celebratory as any other color during Sankranti, inspiring others to embrace bold choices and express their individuality while honoring the essence of the festival.

Source: Instagram

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