Priyamani Slays in Black & White Colour Block Saree by Shriya Khanna

Priyamani recently stunned everyone with her elegant saree ensemble, showcasing her timeless beauty and impeccable fashion sense. She wore a striking color block saree set by Shriya Khanna label, combining the sophistication of black and white with the delicate charm of embroidered lilies.

Priyamani wearing a black and white colour block saree with floral embroidery and cutwork detailing along the borders, posing gracefully.

The saree itself was a masterpiece. Intricate floral embroidery and cutwork detailing adorned its borders, adding a touch of elegance and artistry. The black and white combination and the vibrant embroidery created a stunning visual contrast that was both modern and classic.

Priyamani's hand adorned with a classic crystal white and black bangle set. The bangles sparkle subtly, perfectly complementing the monochromatic theme of her saree. The background is blurred to focus on the elegant accessories.

Adding to the allure of the saree, Priyamani chose a high-neck, puff-sleeved blouse. Crafted from novel organza and lined with viscose satin, the blouse ensured both comfort and style. Embroidery and cutwork detailing along the neck and sleeves mirrored the saree’s border, creating a cohesive and harmonious look. The puff sleeves added a touch of vintage glamour, making the outfit stand out even more.

Close-up of Priyamani's high neck, puff-sleeved blouse with embroidery and cutwork detailing, made from novel organza with viscose satin lining.

Priyamani accessorized her ensemble with a classic crystal white and black bangle set, perfectly complementing the saree’s monochromatic theme. The bangles added a subtle sparkle and elegance, enhancing the overall look without overpowering it.

Full-body shot of Priyamani in a colour block saree with embroidered lilies and a high neck, puff-sleeved blouse, exuding grace and style.

Priyamani’s saree look, with its stylish puff-sleeve blouse and intricate detailing, perfectly blended tradition and modernity, proving once again her status as a fashion icon.

Source: Instagram

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