For This Gudi Padwa’23 | How to give a Five-yard Saree a Nauvari (Nine-yard) Saree look

The Nauvari saree is a traditional saree that basically traces its origins in Maharashtra.

It is notable for its long length of 9 yards (8.23 meters). A regular saree is 5.5 meters or 6 meters long, but a Nauvari saree is 8 meters long or longer.
Maharashtrian saree types are popular for traditional occasions such as festivals and weddings. Because Maharashtra’s history focuses on warriors, and brides (called “Navri” in Marathi) thus they wear “Nauvari Saree”, a dhoti-style saree.
Traditional Marathi saree styles include the Kasta style and the Nauvari saree drapes. Slight distinctions in draping distinguish Maharashtrian saree kinds and draping techniques worn as part of Maharashtrian culture heritage. At traditional Maharashtrian weddings, there are several ways to drape a Nauvari saree. But oftentimes it can be tedious for one to drape it whether you are in a rush or you are a newbie to this draping style.


The above reel is of shwetasreflection_ig who demonstrated a hack on how to drape a five-yard saree into a Nauvari style. 

  • Take a saree of your choice and then divide it proportionally on both sides.
  • Now take the saree’s inner piece and wrap it around your waist in the rear, then pull the end from the front to the right side, tying a solid knot.
  • Take the left side of the saree containing the border and make pleats and arrange them neatly. After this take this section and pull to the back and tuck it inside the wrapped portion. 
  • Similarly, with the other portion of the saree that contains the Pallu, make pleats on it and make a wrap-around giving a loop effect. Now pull that side on the front and with the formed pleats rest the pallu on your shoulder.
  • And yes you have achieved a Nauvari-style drape. Secure the pleats with safety pins if it is necessary. 


At the very least, give this technique a shot to see if you can perfect it.



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