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Storyteller draped in a Saree
Storytellers have such a prominent role in our lives through different aspects such as pictures, words, videos, and so on. It offers up different realms of possibilities and by this, we learn more about the world we live in. It is an art that can not be easily acquired as it perfectly balances our imaginations to explore and aids in the creation of different images of the world. It is through proper communication that we comprehend the beliefs and thoughts shared with us.
In a recent decade where the use of social media platforms has increased a lot and almost all information is available and so are the tales expressing the views, illustrating their views, and activities to engage their audience. With strokes of their fingertips, many share their stories and link the world.
Such is the story of Hema Pallavi who is a social media influencer and expresses her love for writing through her social media handle on Instagram Sogasari. Her art to express her thoughts through storytelling while also appreciating her love for Sarees is what separates her from the crowd. As she states in her bio that she is a saree enthusiast it is just justified after analyzing and scrolling through her beautiful posts.


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A post shared by Hema Pallavi (@sogasari)

I want to soar high in the sky,
wanting to touch and feel its buttery texture..
I wish to swoop down and experience the adrenaline rush..
What is it to fly freely and not worried of getting wings clipped
and threatening the sole purpose of living??
What is to experience life without a thought of reaching pinnacle or touching the ground??
Each day, I get intimidated by my life as I imagine it questioning me about my purpose..
Each day , I sit down with all the thoughts that sprout from my core for this very inquest .

The picture above is from one of her recent posts where she shared one of her beautiful creations. What captured our eyes apart from the quotes is her choice of saree and appearance which sits so well with her writing. She wore this beautiful floral saree which beautifully represents the love she expressed by personifying nature and its elements. Accessorized with a choker, and wearing a sleeveless spaghetti-style blue-colored blouse, her appearance looks serene as she appreciates the beauty of nature.


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A post shared by Hema Pallavi (@sogasari)

I want to fall in Love again .
I Want to feel special again..
I want to touch sky again..
I want to celebrate romance again..
But I wish to do everything only with you again .
There is no one else and cant be anyone else other than you .

The picture is also from her collection of posts where she through her art of writing expressed the beauty of falling in love and the joys of romance. She justified her statements by her appearance by wearing a polka-dotted saree. This purple-colored saree with a pink tint has quite an elegant vibe to it. She paired her saree with a blouse of the same color having intricate detailings on the end. It is indeed an art to portray the colors of your writing through your outfits and if it is appreciating your cultural roots, it is like a cherry on top.


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A post shared by Hema Pallavi (@sogasari)

We are tenacious till the very last microsecond.
We split into irreparable and uncountable bits once we reach that breaking point.
The majority of the time, we receive void.
Even tears and grief can't fill that void, no matter how hard we try.
Rarely does a person, a phrase, or a gesture come along that may steadily make its mark on our desolate country.
A vacuum will be our constant till then.

Such are words of her and to match the vibe of her writing she chose to wear a soothing white and vibrant yellow-colored saree. She paired it up with accessories that give off a boho look to her appearance. The richness of the color reflects the hope she wants to emanate to her audience through her work. It is indeed an astonishing art to pair up your words with your love for clothing.
Apart from her posts, there are a few images that we are grateful she shared with us. The photos that follow show how she is not just a talented writer but also a saree aficionado.

She was dressed in a saree with a variety of colors, including black, gray, and several shades of orange, as seen in the photo above. She wore it with an amazing blouse with intricate motifs depicting varying shades of orange on each line. Her entrancing look was completed by her open locks, a black bindi that matched her saree’s hue, gold stud earrings, bangles, and pendant.

In the image displayed above, she is wearing an orange-dominated saree with pink borders having black and white striped designs. To keep the whole color scheme in check, she wore it with a pink sleeveless blouse. Finally, she added an oxidized choker, golden bangles, and a gold pendant to complete the ensemble.

She wore a bright orange saree with delicate patterns and combined it with a brilliant blue-colored golden polka-dotted full-sleeve shirt in the photo above. She is accessorized with chandelier-shaped earrings with exquisite workmanship and gold studded necklaces to give the fairly plain-looking ensemble a twist. Finally, she finished off her ethnic style with a Gajra-wrapped hairdo.

She’s wearing a vibrantly violet-colored Bandhani saree with a basic sleeveless bright orange blouse in the photo above. She teamed the Bandhani saree with heavy necklaces and earrings with elaborately detailed pictures on them to accent the motifs.

She is an example of how telling an appropriate tale at the right moment is an art but doing so while promoting your culture is one of a kind.

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