Meet the duo, saree influencers and bloggers…!

It’s hard to believe the magical spell ‘Sareeduo‘ enthralls you in!! The mother daughter duo is definitely here to stay and how!!
Meet the duo, saree influencers and bloggers popularly known by their Instagram name sareeduo and their wonderful saree collection & swag . While mommy dear appeals to the experienced senior saree enthusiasts, the daughter has carved a niche for herself among the younger & aspiring saree wearers.
Joyce believes that , “My clothes represent me, My styles define me, My colours show my passion and My thoughts define my will.”
This is how Sabrina introduces herself to our readers – “Hola there, I am the Founder & Pioneer of India’s only Handcrafted Organic Wine , Sincerely Sabrina (_sincerely_sabrina_) with an MBA in HR, married , having two boys of ages,14 & 11 and not to forget my fur baby Django.”
The mother, Joyce is as cute & enthusiastic as her daughter, Sabrina. Being a retired Educationalist from the prestigious La Martiniere for Girls School ,Kolkata, her looks are sophisticated and classy, exuding sheer grace to say the least.
Sabrina , who is a Vintner by passion & saree junkie just doesn’t adorn the drape with her stunning looks but captures these drapes against the backdrop of hidden gems of exotic locales she travels too. Her sense of drape-style is very refined and innovative, and she has a great sense of taste. Also, she has a knack for pulling off a traditional look.
Indian women and their relationship with the six yards of elegance is eternal, almost like the memories of childhood, where unfailingly, there is a female figure, clad in a saree, epitomizing strength and style. “What better way to take my saree journey further other than partnering with that one person who introduced the saree to me , my mother,” Reminisces Sabrina. That is how Sareeduo was conceptualized .
” I lost my father in 2020 and the only way to pull myself and my mom in tow ,out of the trauma was by embarking on a new journey with Sareeduo. The page gave us both a new dimension during the lock-down and also a new meaning to our waking up and deciding on Innovatively putting our look together,” Says Sabrina. Now we know how Sareeduo was born… straight out of the heart of two determined women.
And rightly so. The beautiful Indian drape, which can be worn in at least a hundred different ways, is today a symbol of tradition and transformation. Wear it like a dhoti, as Lavani folk dancers from Maharashtra would, or wrap it from left to right in the Kappulu style or try the atpoure style from Bengal, the choices are endless. And if you need some more inspiration, just scroll through these vibrant posts by this Instagram’s saree-clad influencers duo, they have aced the art.
 Invest in their signature style for yourself and your mother , and try on one of their looks. You’ll look absolutely gorgeous!
They believe in sustainable and traditional fashion that takes you back to your roots. We’ve bookmarked a lot of their looks for the post-lockdown celebrations since they put together designs that we adore!
If you love sarees , heirloom jewelry and vintage vibes, not to forget the adorable chemistry the mother daughter duo share, you should check out their Instagram!


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