Prema Desam proves again… Sarees & Cinemas – Never Ending Bond

Sarees are traditional Indian garments that have been featured in many Indian films. The flowing, elegant fabric and intricate designs of sarees have made them a popular choice for film costumes, especially in romantic and dramatic scenes. In Indian films, sarees are often used to symbolize the grace, elegance, and traditional values of the female characters. Actresses such as Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have made the saree famous through their performances in various film songs and dances wearing the attire.

The saree has also been incorporated into various film genres, including action, drama, and comedy, and is considered an essential aspect of Indian film culture.

Veteran beauty, Roja fame… Madhoo Shah begins her second innings with the just-released movie Prema Desam. The movie has already received critics’ appreciation as a youthful entertainer.
Actress Madhubala (Madhumathi) played an enthusiastic young-hearted mom who encourages his son in the film well elevated with Mani Sharma’s melodious music.
Prema Desam is a feel-good movie with a beautiful love story combined with an emotional climax & Manisharma’s melody.

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For us, Sareeing(dot)com.. most interesting thing is three major characters of the film’s sarees seem to be trend-setting among saree enthusiasts. After Sita Ramam, now it’s Prema Desam movie that adopted the six yards of elegance as costumes for their dramatic scenes.
Here is a collection of Sareeing from this Rom-Com entertainer:

Madhoo Shah in Sarees while playing Dramatic scenes:

Maya (Preethi Shankar)’s Beautiful Stills in Sarees:

Megha Akash in Classical Dance poses in Sarees:

Source: Prema Desam

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