Styling a black sequin saree for a cocktail party is all about capturing the right balance of elegance, glamour, and sophistication. Madhuri Dixit’s look at Manish Malhotra’s Diwali party serves as the perfect inspiration, as she effortlessly combined traditional elements with modern flair. Here’s how to recreate that stunning look:

1. Choose the Right Saree:
Start with a black sequin saree. Sequins add a touch of glamor, making it perfect for a cocktail party. Opt for a saree that has a border or pallu with intricate embellishments for that extra sparkle.

2. Blouse Selection:
The blouse is a crucial part of the ensemble. Madhuri Dixit’s look featured a stunning blouse with intricate embroidery and a deep back. You can choose a backless or low-back blouse with contrasting embroidery to make a statement. Alternatively, a high-neck blouse with long sleeves can add an air of elegance.


3. Hairstyle:
Madhuri sported a loose, wavy hairstyle with a side part. This soft and romantic look complements the saree perfectly. You can use a curling iron to create loose waves and add some volume. Don’t forget to accessorize your hair with decorative pins or a statement hairpiece for added charm.

4. Makeup:
Keep your makeup subtle but glamorous. A smoky eye with black and metallic eyeshadow can enhance the sequins in your saree. Balance this with a nude lip color and a hint of blush on your cheeks. False eyelashes can also elevate the drama of your look.

5. Accessories:
Madhuri’s look was accentuated with statement earrings and a mang tikka. Go for a chandelier or dangly earrings with matching embellishments to add a touch of luxury. A statement mang tikka can complete the traditional yet glamorous feel.


6. Footwear:
Heels are essential to complete your cocktail party look. Opt for black stilettos or embellished sandals to match the elegance of your attire. Please make sure they’re comfortable dancing the night away.

7. Clutch or Potli Bag:
Choose a clutch or a traditional potli bag in a complementary color or with embellishments that match your saree. This will serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

8. Nail Polish:
A neutral or metallic nail polish color can add to the overall charm of your look. Choose a shade that complements your ensemble.

9. Confidence:
The key to nailing this look is confidence. Channel your inner Madhuri Dixit and carry yourself with grace and poise. A dazzling smile can be your best accessory.


10. Final Touch:
Don’t forget to drape your saree elegantly. You can choose the classic way of draping or experiment with modern styles like the dhoti saree or the butterfly drape.

Remember, fashion is all about expressing your personal style. While Madhuri Dixit’s look serves as a wonderful source of inspiration, feel free to add your own unique touch to make the ensemble truly yours. With the right makeup, accessories, and confidence, you’ll shine at the cocktail party, just like a Bollywood star.

Source: Instagram

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