Simple & Elegant | Suhasini’s Navy Blue Jute Silk Saree Won hearts

Suhasini Maniratnam is also renowned for having a high level of style when it comes to her outfits and especially sarees.

Suhasini adopted a fashionable stance by donning a navy saree made of jute silk. She made it to sartorial perfection. It’s an interesting option because of the printed pattern of the saree.

Suhasini - Navy Blue Saree

Suhasini looking trendy in her handmade face painted necklace set. The necklaces became popular from past 1 year after celebrities & influencers started promoting them.

Suhasini - Navy Blue Saree

Fashion lovers started complimenting the actress.

Suhasini - Navy Blue Saree

The design of the blouse hands and border of the saree are complementing each other.

Suhasini - Navy Blue Saree

Source: Instagram

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